Homebrew New option for goblin characters in a Level Up 5e campaign


Hi, I'm new here but I've been lurking around for a while. I love making homebrew, especially where I think there is a niche to be filled. I've made quite a bit for A5E but thought I'd start small with this heritage gift and culture made for goblin PCs.

Heritage Gift: Scrappy & Spiteful (Goblin).

You can use the basic maneuver Grab On as a bonus action, and you know the cantrip Vicious Mockery (you can use either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma as your spellcasting ability for this spell). Additionally, when a creature misses you with an attack, you can use a reaction to cast Vicious Mockery on that creature.

At 3rd level, you gain the ability to cast Expeditious Retreat once per long rest.

Culture: Feral Pygmy

Characters raised in the Feral Pygmy culture share a variety of traits in common with one another.

  • Aim for the Underbelly: You add your Proficiency bonus to the damage of weapon attacks made against creatures which are at least one size category larger then you if you have advantage on the attack roll.
  • Horde Tactics: Once on your turn, you can gain advantage on a weapon attack roll against a target that is within 30 feet, if another friendly creature has made a weapon attack against that same target since the end of your last turn. You can use this trait a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain any expended uses when you finish a long rest.
  • Tribal Craftsman: As part of a short rest, you can craft any simple melee or ranged weapon, or ammunition for a simple ranged weapon, out of basic materials such as wood, animal bone, and stone. A weapon created in this way functions identically to its normal counterpart, except its gold value is always 0 and it breaks and becomes useless on a critical fail (1 on a d20 roll). To use this trait, you must have a blade, or a tool set deemed appropriate by the Narrator.
  • Tribal Knowledge: you gain proficiency in Stealth and Survival.
  • Languages: You can speak, read, write, and sign Common and one other language.

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Casting the Vicious Mockery cantrip as a reaction when an attack misses is really good. I'd suggest limiting its uses to your proficiency bonus per long rest.

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