D&D 5E New Player: Trying to build Tabaxi using Filipino-style Eskrima sticks


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IRL, I study Filipino-style Eskrima stick fighting and I'd like to be able to build a character that utilizes that style of fighting and weapons (i.e: sticks, knives, and open hand fighting). I'm starting with a tabaxi and was hoping to get some ideas or feedback on classes and how to homebrew eskrima sticks into the game. I'm fairly new, this is my second time playing and we'll be starting at level 4 for this campaign. All books and UA on the table for this.

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Hello and welcome! I suspect that you'll want to look at Monk, Fighter, or Rogue depending on what elements of Eskrima you want to emphasize. If they're more of a traditional warrior and/or have supernatural vibes, then a Way of the Kensei Monk might be good starting point, especially if you end up with a homebrewed finesse fighting stick that's mechanically a little better than a small club (and thus a martial weapon). If they're a more realistic martial artist, then a Battle Master Fighter will guarantee you some interesting and diverse combat options. If you want to emphasize the guerilla history of actual Eskrima, then a Swashbuckler Rogue could end up fitting better. In any case, you'd want to take the Dual Wielder feat unless there's a fluff reason to only wield one stick.

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