New Sage Advice video - wha?


New Sage Advice video up (01/28), but with no content whatsoever!

Q: Have you announced the the new creature types & subtypes? (e.g. Immortal Humanoid) Do you have any info on them or an idea of when we might see something more?

And the answer is, well, what goes for an answer is that they don't want to say, but there's something about it in Worlds & Monsters and you ought to buy it.

What a total waste of time and bandwidth! :\

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These video things aren't meant for us. They're meant for people who don't hang out on internet message boards discussing the latest news on the game.

Their audience for these are people who might check the D&D sight once a month just to see what's up. The uninformed masses, if you will.

Still not a very good question, but much more understandable if you look at their target.



Well, it might not be for us nerds who spend too much time looking for D&D news, but wouldn't even a casual browser want some information content?

JVisgaitis said:
Where is it on the site? They really need to fix their navigation as I can never find anything...
The link to the sage advice is towards the bottom of the front D&D page - the upper right of the four boxes. Here's a link to the Sage Advice page.

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