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WOIN [NEW] Scientist's Improviser exploit seems useless?


Improviser. In the field, you need to improvise. Using your scientific know-how, you can create a crude object or device from your surroundings. This requires a LOG check, with a difficulty value equal to the purchase value of the object, and takes 30 minutes.
But looking through the list of gear, it looks like the purchase values of everything more complicated than a backpack or rope would make the rolls impossible, and I don't think it would take an exploit to MacGyver a backpack or rope.

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Yeah, if you don´t mind melee weapons - and why should one in NEW but in very specific circumstances - Improviser is pretty useless.
I homebrewed the difficulty to a purchase value /10 and restricted item life to one hour.
That way character´s are able to improvise a planetary communicator, tent and toolkit easily and specific items not-so-easily but it doesn´t add monetary value. Weapons up to some pistols are possible, too; rifles if they are good (and/or lucky).

Feels similar to star trek improvising skills.

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