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New SRD available

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Maybe we're hitting the servers too hard. I picked up the first four compiled documents, but the server went down when I tried to pick up the psionics compilation.


[Sarcasm]What's with WotC!!? They can't keep the dates they say!! The SRD was supposed to be up on the 24th!!![/Sarcasm]


Hmm, it looks to me like the all-in-one download has some old stuff scattered in with the new stuff (old spells, old monsters).


First Post
There's Epic Level and some Planes information included in this as well....

The Epic information is just notes about progession, progession for the base classes, and feats. No information on epic progression for the included Prestige Classes, unless that's in their own section, haven't looked.

The Planes section gives out information about what a plane is, all the planar traits (yeay!) and descriptions of the Ethereal, Astral, Shadow, and Elemental/Energy planes.

There's also a short blurb on Monster Feats, and Monsters as Characters.

No Dieties & Demigods in here, though.


Definitely looks like the all-in-1 isn't converted yet.
And in the piece-by-piece, the link for "Spells (P-R)" points to "Spells (S)".


I'm not seeing spell lists for PrCs anywhere thus far...

Edit -- oops, found them - they're in with the class description
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Buddha the DM

die_kluge said:
You can link to the spells P-R by manually changing the filename. It's there, just the link is invalid.

Same thing apparently happend to the magic items in sections 2 through 6. Copy the URL but change MagicItemII to MagicItemsII. Same will work for the rest of the sections when you insert the s at the end of MagicItem.

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