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New threads and last visited


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I've been noticing a problem with new/updated threads not being marked properly. Sometimes, maybe 2-3 times per week, I log in and all threads are marked as read. If I look at the "You last visited" time in the upper right hand corner, it says I was just here 5-10 minutes ago (it varies), but I definately wasn't. I suspect it has something to do with cookies, but I'm not certain. My browser is Firefox. I'm going to try deleting my enworld cookies and starting with some fresh ones. Any other suggestions?

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Do you log in manually from the front page (i.e. write in your user ID and password) or do you use cookies? If it's the former, I've had that problem too - it apparently has something to do with a link not sending the proper session ID. Then again, Mike said he had taken care of that bug, so it might not be that.

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