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I remember we used to have a little nifty bar on the side of the ISRP home, in which you could see the newest threads and the newest posts, before the whole site revamp. Now that thing was incredibly useful, 'cause you could actually go around choosing what thread you'd like to read and what-not... it was like the front page of a newspaper =P

So my question is, is there any hope of having that bar again, sooner or later?

It'd also give some use to the forums - a number of people didn't use 'em when it was here, and damn, they're almost empty now. I see one post a week, at most.
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I've been looking into it.

Basically I intended to do that when I first created the new pages, however the difficulty arises in that the old ISRP pages were actually part of the EN World forum infra-structure, so reposting information from them was relatively easy.

That's also why whenever there was an EN World Hiccup the entire ISRP area went offline.

Building them into the regular pages is going to take some work, I'll see what I can do but at the moment I'm not making any promises on delivery.

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