Unearthed Arcana New Unearthed Arcana: Rune Knight, Swarmkeeper, The Revived

Another new Unearthed Arcana! "In today’s Unearthed Arcana, three classes each receive a playtest option. The fighter gets a Martial Archetype option: the Rune Knight. The ranger gains a Ranger Archetype option: the Swarmkeeper. And the rogue acquires a Roguish Archetype option: the Revived."

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For my part I'm a big Eberron fan. When I hear "ancient giant rune magic" I think of Xen'drik, and when I think of Xen'drink I think of drow. Right now I'm bouncing between a drow finesse Rune Knight and dark skinned half-elf Rune Knight from Stormreach, even though it'll be ages before I get a chance to play either of them.

Definitely. Rune knight has a distinctive Xen'drik feel to it with the giant association.

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I remember the magic runes in the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy RPG.

My vision of magic runes in D&D is a single-use magic item like scrolls, potions, tattoos or talismans. Sometimes I have thought about a incarnum soulmelder class but the chakras (body slots) would be replaced with runes in item. You would spent points of essence to get a metamagic effect. I wonder about a remake of the runepriest/scribe with game mechanic like incarnum soulmelds.

The revived is too close to the revenant class. I would like a assassin like a stealth class with some magic martial maneuvers with shadow as power source. Why not a revived warrior, like a necromantic champion, a bustuarius or tomb fighter?

Almost off-topic, but I miss the binders with vestige pact magic and the martial adepts.

The RevIved feels a lot like an attempt to do a Nameless One from Planescape Torment subclass.
IT's like a "Watcher" from Pillars of Eternity (from the same developers).

Mechanically, it resembles 3.5 warlock/ Pathfinder kinetisist.

...and I don't like it for a D&D rogue class.

I don't much care for the other two either. That's mechanical, the concepts are quite good, just poorly executed.
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Out of curiosity, are you from Scandinavia or are you an american that claims to be a certain ethnicity just because their great grandfather came from a certain region? If you like celebrating St. Patricks day or Oktoberfest it's perfectly fine, but don't pretend it's your right or duty because of ancestry.

My more detailed impressions after taking a closer look:

Rune Knight:
Thematically fine, sound mythological basis (and we have had similar things in earlier editions). Why Fighter? We already have two "magic fighters". This theme could fit a barbarian, cleric, bard, or artificer. In particular, I think this would make a better "magic barbarian" than the exploding flumphs guy (did we ever find out what they where smoking?).

The rune powers themselves seem a bit over-complicated. I would rather have something straightforward like adds +1d6 fire damage to your attacks. The appeal of 5e is it's simplicity compared to other editions.

Otherwise I quite like it.

I like the idea. Why fey? I don't see any reason this concept couldn't work with actual tiny beasts (e.g. bees).

Powers: Why does the swarm do force damage? Poison or piecing would seem to fit the theme better (even if mechanically weaker). Why can't I send my swarm out to attack on it's own (i.e. a pet)? :cry:

A disappointment.

The Revived:
WHY A ROGUE?!!! Even more than flumph-arian this seems to disrespect the core class. I spend two levels sneaking around stealing stuff and stabbing people in the back, then I hit level 3 and all of a sudden transform into a pseudo-undead thing? A sorcerer would be a better fit for the concept.

Powers: Bolt from the Grave's connection to Cunning Action is weird. It's a bonus action, but in order to use it I'm required to dash, dodge or hide?! It's almost like the designer is thinking Cunning Action is a limited resource. Otherwise, it's interesting, since it allows the rogue to wield a weapon that isn't eligible for sneak attack without gimping themselves.

I'm still uncertain what they are going for: this is a pretty wild set of 13 Subclasses (including the Archivist).

My main bet is still a Setting book of some sort (still feeling the Magic vibes), but a XGtE or all-new format seem viable.
Man in the Moon, pyramids on Mars.

There is a very strong tendency for humans to look for patterns where no pattern exists.


Possibly a Idiot.
Otherwise I quite like it.
I don't think you do actually. You don't seem to like anything about it other than the Growing Big power.

The Runeknight doesn't fit on the Barbarian for two main reasons:
One: Barbarians aren't exactly refined artisans.
Two: Barbarians don't word so good.

At the core of it's being, even moreso than the ability to get swole for combat, the Runeknight is a magical blacksmith. Bards, despite being great with words (hey, that's what the other UA subclass is for!) aren't exactly first on my list of potential blacksmiths. Artificers and Clerics already have a magical blacksmith subclass. Which leaves us the Fighter, and it really works too.

Think of say, a Dwarf Fighter/Blacksmith. For the longest time, Dwarves couldn't use Arcane magic but could totally make magic weapons and armor. It's one of those legacy things. Heck, even the growing in size power fits perfectly with the Duergar. This is the subclass that fills that niche.

What you want is something more like the Disaster Barbarian that never made it to UA. A Barbarian that was like a natural disaster, complete with elemental infused weapon attacks.

The Runeknight doesn't fit on the Barbarian for two main reasons:
One: Barbarians aren't exactly refined artisans.
Two: Barbarians don't word so good.
False on both counts. Stupidity is not a requirement for being a barbarian.

"In the Old Norse written corpus, berserkers (or "berserks"; Old Norse: berserkir) were warriors who purportedly fought in a trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the modern English word "berserk" or "Berzerk"." -wikipeadia


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