Unearthed Arcana New Unearthed Arcana - Subclasses 2 [UPDATED]

The latest Unearthed Arcana contains three new subclasses: the bardic College of Creation, the cleric's Love Domain, and the sorcerer's Clockwork Soul.

UPDATE - WoTC appears to have removed this PDF. The link now leads to the previous Unearthed Arcana.

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They just pulled the page down. I was talking about it on Twitter and someone in my replies mentioned this. I went to the page and refreshed and the whole article is gone now.

Thankfully I already saved the PDF but... I wonder if someone pulled the trigger early or something?
Works fine for me


I see nothing wrong with house ruling that the Dancing Item comes online at level 3. Have it's scaling follow the Revised Ranger's beast scaling or the Battle Smith's Might of the Master.


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Bummed I missed it while this was still up

Probably an early trigger or they didn't have the Subclasses 01 survey ready or something.

Hope they re-post it again soon, some of what you guys are talking about looks very interesting.

The clockwork soul sounds like a "teaser" of a future sourcebook about planes, maybe the return of Planescape, or at least Sigil and the faction wars...(why not also the gatetowns?). I hope the return of the planetouched races, not only the paragenasies from Dragon Magazine but also the mechanatrix from Fiend Folio. This is perfect for this sorcerer subclass.


I also wonder about things like healer's kits, healing potions, antitoxin, alchemist's fire or bags of caltrops and ball bearings... How the rulings work out?

Healing potions would be out, as it can't be magical. As for the rest, I'd probably allow it as long as it fits into the rest of the rules of the feature as I think if they're going to waste 10 minutes to make a bag of caltrops, they should be able to. There might be more problematic options that I haven't considered yet. I'd probably allow anything that's been established as an equipment option but outside of that would have to handle on a case-by-case basis.

I see nothing wrong with house ruling that the Dancing Item comes online at level 3. Have it's scaling follow the Revised Ranger's beast scaling or the Battle Smith's Might of the Master.

You'd also have to make the L6 come on at 3 and scale someway as well, as the L14 builds off of the L6, using the way you create items there to make the pet.


I've had a look through the three subclasses and to me, something about the bard class doesn't feel quite right for a college of creation, I think mainly that its main abilities are just creating objects which seems not quite up to what I'd expect when tapping into the powers of creation.

I've been waiting for a love domain, but this one is relying too much on the level 1 ability and improving it as the cleric levels, 3 abilities directly relate to improving the power that they cleric gains at level 1. I'd have rather seen some diverse powers as they level.

I probably like the clockwork soul the best, though I think it is kind of funny that bulwark of law creates a shield that reduces damage by a random amount, I think it should reduce it by a set amount but then, players love to roll dice. I agree with the general consensus on the 18th level power being generally weaker when compared to other sorcerer capstones. It could be powerful in the right circumstances but I think it is too circumstantial.

These subclasses do seem to be leaning towards some sort of planar book though, perhaps a Xanathar's style book with more information on the planes?

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