D&D 5E New Vecna Battle (Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!) - CONCLUDED

This is again a scenario where your one off versus organic story can create a difference.

For this one shot we were given a certain number of items (which is exactly how I run my one shots too). However, in a campaign where I knew I was fighting vecna as the endgame, yes I would shop around or even try to craft potions of necrotic resistance...that just makes good sense. Then again, there was dispelling, so potions might have failed...and I would not expect all players to have items of permanent necrotic resistance. Likewise, if a group of 20th level characters is prowling around an area, the super lich is probably going to know about it...and might have preparing for weeks for our arrival....so that's always a possibility.

Ultimately half of the primary being resistant to his primary damage is pretty good.

I can say my biggest goof in this one, was having contingency but not using it. I thought of my shorter range buffs, and completely forgot about the super long term one!
Hey... do not blame yourself! Everone can forget things in the midst of combat. Especially with PbP.

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Vyrlm will move behind cover, either the statue or were Pyre, and use cleansing touch to end the effect the damage sharing. Bonus action cast branding smite (4th lvl slot)


The High Aldwin
4.8.2 (Vyrlim) Stepping away from the green-glowing symbol spell, Vyrlim backs up to move behind the statue, losing sight of Venca. He cleanses the necrotic link between himself and the archlich and casts branding smite (4th level slot).

Vyrlim then turns and widens his stance, sunblade and shield prepared for the end...


It is now Lair Actions on Initiative 20 (round #9).


The High Aldwin
4.9.20 (Lair Action) A shrieking spirit rises from the cracks in the stone near Pyre, and strikes! Pyre suffers a failed death save (failed 1, made 0) as the spirt vanishes.

4.9.19 (Pyre) Pyre's body convulses and goes rigid, her breath hanging above her lips like a ghostly mist... (Roll 9 FAIL death save; failed 2, made 0).

4.9.12 (Vecna) Howling with an almost giddy delight, Vecna rushes forward and teleports next to Vyrlim, motioning to Pyre behind the archlich, "Your last ally dies!" Vyrlim suffers 12 psychic damage and Pyre her final failed death save, as Vecna's wounds heal. Vyrlim watches as the Pyre shakes once more and lies still... "Do not fret, you will all serve ME soon!"

More necrotic magic engulfs Vyrlim, but he stands firm against the barrage (SUCCESS Roll 18,19+7=26 vs. DC 22 CON save), but still takes 22 necrotic damage (half 45 of half 90).

"Now, DIE!" Vecna cries as he stabs Vyrlim with Afterthought, HITTING (16+13=29 vs. AC 21) for 13 total damage (9 piercing + 4 necrotic (half 8)), reducing him to 0 hit points...

The shadow of death falls over Vyrlim as darkness claims him. The last thing he feels is himself falling...forever.


This concludes our third (and maybe final? LOL) Vecna battle. I will posting the complete "Vecna Lair" later, this weekend, if not sooner.

A special thanks to @Stalker0, @FitzTheRuke, @DragonBelow, @Smythe the Bard, and @sleepyInsomniac for making characters and/or participating. I hope you all (and those viewing!) enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed running the scenario.

And thanks to all the others who commented on rulings and such to help make this play as smoothly as possible!

May you always roll 20s! :D


The High Aldwin
Since this is the "quick part":

Changes to Vecna:

Book of Vile Darkness.

Being attuned to the Book gave Venca the following benefits/spells. The spells were used extensively to guard his sanctum.
  • Proficiency in Stealth (+11)
  • Resistance to Fire damage
  • Glyph of Warding (1/day)
  • Symbol (1/day)

Spell Substitutions.
These were the spell changes I made for Vecna, but only the Flesh to Stone spell was actually used to open the encounter... 🤷‍♂️
  • Detect Magic -> Shield
  • Dimension Door -> Greater Invisibility
  • Invisibility -> Mirror Image
  • Dominate Monster -> Maddening Darkness
  • Globe of Invulnerability -> Flesh to Stone (used)
  • Plane Shift (self only) -> Reverse Gravity

Lair Actions.
Finally, these were Vecna's three lair actions. One was taken from the posted adventure from D&D Beyond, while the others are bumped lich lair actions with the default DC raised from 18 to 20.
  • Shadowplay (from the D&D Beyond Adventure)
  • Siphon Life (lich lair action)
  • Lost Souls (lich lair action)

Originally, symbol was going to be a spell substitution as a spell Vecna could cast himself and glyph of warding was going to replace fly. So, if those changes had "stuck", Vecna would really never have even benefited much from the Book. I did have him roll Stealth when he took up position hidden in his dark tower to watch the PCs enter (Roll 19+11=30... which no one was likely to spot, and of course was much higher than any passive perceptions.


I did have him roll Stealth when he took up position hidden in his dark tower to watch the PCs enter (Roll 19+11=30... which no one was likely to spot, and of course was much higher than any passive perceptions.
Man with that kind of stealth, realistically he could have just used his rotten fate over and over again in teh tower, and we would have never spotted him (as rotten fate doesn't break stealth per our decision earlier in the thread). Further any attempt to firebomb the tower or teleport inside he could have counterspelled.

So I'm honestly not sure how to have stopped that play.

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