Release New Version of Comae Engine Available Now

clarence redd

FrostByte Books
The Comae Engine is a downsized d100-based RPG with lots of flexibility, released in December by FrostByte Books. In just 50 pages, it packs innovative d100 mechanics to let you tell better stories.

I’m so happy to announce v0.98b of The Comae Engine! We're almost at v1.0, which means there will be a print version soon. And the massive interest in this modern d100 ruleset continues. There are already three 3rd party games and settings in the works - with more to come.

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This new version features comprehensive examples of Extended Conflicts, including lockpicking, combat, searching for clues, and several others.

Get it before the price goes up
As page count has increased to 52, I will also adjust the price next week. So, if you haven’t got the PDF already, make sure to grab it before Wednesday. Here’s the link:

The Comae Engine - FrostByte Books |

Also, check out the sneak peek of the next mini-release, a free pack of pre-generated NPCs for use in most modern settings:

Downloads - FrostByte Books: SciFi Roleplaying Games

I hope you enjoy them.

Clarence Redd

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