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Coming New version of Mutant Chronicles in the works.


Well, today 2023-08-25, the news came that there will be a new version of Mutant Chronicles. It will be made by a new company named Necromakina. For disclosure, I am not involved in the production of it but I am friends with the ones that are making it, and I offered to proofread it for them once it was ready enough for that. ;)

The company might be new, but the persons involved (Gabrielle de Bourg and Mikael Bergström) have written lots of stuff before. In Mikaels case a number of Swedish indie games, and Gabrielle has written lots and lots of adventures for a lot of different games..

At the moment they only have their pressrelease, but they provided the following adresses to read more about them and talk to them:
Homepage: Mutant Chronicles: Luna City Blues
Facebook: Mutant Chronicles: Luna City Blues
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/lunacityblues

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