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Unearthed Arcana New Warlock Discoveries!


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So I was wondering how to balance these better for actually playing them.

Eldritch Invocations

Eyes of The Chained
Prerequisite: Pact of The Chain
As an action you can choose to see through your familiars eyes instead of your own. You can be in this state for as long as you want, and you have to concentrate on this ability. You can concentrate on this and a spell, but you roll concentration for both effects.

Friends of The Chained
Prerequisite: Pact of The Chain, 5th level
You can cast Find Familiar for other people. When you do so they can’t gain the same familiar you have, and they benefit from 1 invocation you have of there choice. If you lose this invocation the familiars disappear.

Book of Forbidden Magic
Prerequisite: Undying Pact
Your patron gives you a book that can absorb necromancy magic for you to use. You gain 2 first level necromancy spells that you can cast once with a spell slot. You can write more necromancy spells into the book for 100gp per level. You also can’t gain spells higher then 5 level. If you write a cantrip into the book it costs 100gp. If you have Pact of The Tome you can have that as your book instead of a new book. If you lose the book you can ask your patron for a new one with half the spells you wrote in it. If you have Pact of The Tome you regain all spells in the Book of Shadows.
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The limitations look over complicated. I would say try to stick to the format in the official books, although admittedly, some of them appear to be on the weak side.

I'm surprised that there aren't some more invocations for Tome Pact Warlocks to increase the number of spells known.


Messing up everything in DnD since 2019
I changed the limitations a bit. The main reason why the invocation that is for undying pact is because they don’t get that many benefits from there pact. It is mostly outshined by other pacts. When WotC made pact related invocations in UA they added a Pact Boon and a Otherworldly patron to get 1 invocation that was OK. Example is the Pact of The Archfey and Pact of The Tome for Aspect of The Moon.

Patron specific invocations where trialed in a UA, but the response was very negative so the idea was dropped.

If you are worried about the rubbishness of the "undying" patron, I would homebrew mods for that directly.

Although if a player actually chose "the undying" patron I would address the balance issue in game by giving them more direct support from their patron. Magic items, a sidekick called Igor, or change of player race to vampire are all possibilities.


Messing up everything in DnD since 2019
Honestly I love the idea of invocations from a pact. I feel when I saw the UA for it, they were too restrictive. I remember them having a certain pact and a Pact Boon.

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