New Werewolf: The Apocalypse Coming This Summer

Preorder it now for an August release


Announced back in 2019 for a 2021 release, Werewolf: the Apocalypse's 5th edition is finally here--at least, it will be this summer. Coming from Rengegae Game Studios (who also make Kids on Bikes, and a number of Hasbro licensed RPGs) it's the first core book for the horror game in over a decade, and uses the latest version of the Storyteller game system. You'll choose a heritage from one of 11 werewolf tribes and fight to save a dying world.

Werewolf 5th Edition is a 300+ page hardcover book. You can pre-order it now for $55, for a release on August 31st (though if you are going to Gen Con in Indianapolis this year you can pick up your copy earlier).

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Small God of the Dozens
I would really like this to be great. There's so much potential if they can manage to get past the aforementioned uber-sincerity.

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Wait, the Irish are off-limits now, too?

Pretty soon all jokes will be about nazis and billionaires.

Well, they the best comedy comes from punching UP at the subject. Which, with how increasingly clear it is that the VAST majority are on equal footing, here at rock bottom.... Yeah, we're pretty much left with the paranoid, xenophobic, oligarchs and their brainwashed jackboots.


I believe the Fianna have now had their name changed, despite Justin Achilli's insistence that it would remain even though the names of the other tribes were changed to remove the cultural / regional links, particularly if they would promote (negative) stereotypes.
And its been confirmed: Hart Walkers Wardens**.

“Hart” in this case means “deer”, and not an alternative way of spelling “heart”.

** My heart said "Wardens", my fingers typed "Walkers"
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Additionally, the Wen---- have been renamed the Gale Stalkers, and Uktena have been renamed the Ghost Council.

The Stargazers and Get of Fenris are out.

In a 2021 V:TM comic it was said that "One of the tribes has abandoned the others entirely, so convinced are they of the truth of their cause and the inaction of the other werewolves. Another tribe has lost faith in the Garou and has withdrawn to seek other allies in the fight against Gaia's foes."

The latter is probably a reference to the Stargazers, as according to the Wiki, they withdrew from the Garou Nation in 2000 to join the Beast Courts of Asia. So that leaves the Get as the tribe that abandoned the other tribes. But this is before W:TA was described as a reboot.

The "lol, the Irish are all drunks" clan probably needs to be changed, though, as does having a breed based around birth defects.
Both have changed in this edition. The Fianna are now the Hart Wardens, there is no Breed classifications, The Get Of Fenris have defected and the Stargazers have withdrawn. There are other changes to names also (Wendigo are now Galestalkers and Uktena are Ghost Council) as they attempt to remove some of the more egregious cultural stereotyping from previous editions.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse is, to me, the easiest of all the WoD games for gamers, say coming directly from D&D to quickly get a handle on.

They are a pack of superhuman beings, with clearly designated group roles (Auspices are basically recognisable Classes), often defending territory and have easily defined and observable monstrous enemies. While there are some politics and spiritual/tragic elements to the game and a very detailed, multi-layered setting the default scenario is very simple to run.
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