News Digest for the Week of September 2

Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! First D&D One playtest survey live, Fandom sells Cortex RPG, new Pathfinder merchandise, new D&D minis and accessories announced, and more!

For a quick summary of the week’s news, Jessica Hancock will bring you up to speed with EN Live's This Week in TTRPG every Friday.

Don’t forget, you can keep up with all the week’s gaming news in detail with Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk. This week, Morrus, Peter, and Jessica talk about the upcoming Dungeon Delver’s Guide for Level Up: Advanced 5e.


In case you missed it elsewhere on EN World this week:

EN Publishing launched its newest Kickstarter this week for Dungeon Delver’s Guide, a supplement for Level Up: Advanced 5e that’s also compatible with original 5e rules. The over 300 page book features new character options including six new heritages (races for 5e), ten new cultures, four new backgrounds, and thirteen new archetypes (subclasses for 5e) along with new gear, spells mounts and more to help characters survive underground encounters and exploration. And for the Narrators/GMs out there, there are expansions to exploration rules, a dungeon-building system to create interesting adventures, pre-made dungeons ready to drop into any campaign (with a brand new preview of the “Palace of the Amber Prince”), over a hundred brand new traps, and a new underground campaign setting: the bright and mushroom filled Underland. If you want to take a look before backing, EN Publishing’s posted a huge number of previews over the past months:
You can get the PDF ready for digital delivery immediately after the campaign ends for £20 (about US$24) or get the physical hardcover for £50 (about US$58). This Kickstarter is fully funded and runs until Monday, October 3.


Wizards of the Coast announced that the One D&D playtest is already larger than the D&D Next playtest for the launch of 5e. In a tweet featuring a GIF from the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon (again with the cartoon!), the official D&D Twitter account said that the first week saw more downloads than the entire run of the 5e playtest, which was over 175,000 people according to the Player’s Handbook. The first survey covering character origins playtest document is live now and will be open until September 15.


Fandom announced the company is selling the Cortex roleplaying game to Dire Wolf Digital. This will mark the exit from the tabletop RPG business for Fandom following the sale of D&D Beyond. Dire Wolf is best known as the creators of the tabletop game Clank! and the licensed card game Dune: Imperium as well as creating the video game versions of Root, Wings of Glory, Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Game of Thrones: The Board Game, and others. Designer Cam Banks will stay on with Dire Wolf as the Cortex Creative Director as plans continue to expand the Tales of Xadia RPG based on the Netflix animated series The Dragon Prince and the upcoming expansion The Sunfire Chronicles. However, the announced Legends of Grayskull RPG based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has been placed on indefinite hiatus and it’s unclear if Dire Wolf has access to the license for the property.


WizKids announced an expansion to their D&D Classics Collection featuring sculpts based on classic Monster Manual artwork. The Monsters D-F boxed set will include pre-painted miniatures of the displacer beast, doppelganger, efreeti, air elemental, earth elemental, fire elemental, water elemental, and ettin. The set will retail for $89.99 with a scheduled February 2023 release. This will follow the October release of the Monsters A-C set featuring an ankheg, basilisk, beholder, bulette, carrion crawler, chimera, cockatrice, and couatl retailing for $99.99. Coming in August 2023 is the Icons of the Realms: Adventure in a Box: Wererat Den collection. This boxed set comes with six pre-painted miniatures (four wererats, one swarm of rats, and one giant rat) along with nine pieces of terrain (small trash pile, large trash pile, rat’s nest, moldy cheese hoard, rotten table, prisoner, cage, rotten crate stack, sludge puddle, and a rat covered bone pile) with a six inch square double-sided map. The boxed set will retail for $99.99.


Ultra PRO announced their licensed Dungeons & Dragons products for the Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen. The Character Folio will come with empty sleeves inside, ten of which will be for standard 8 ½” by 11” (or A4) sheets of paper and two 9-pocket pages for spell cards. The folio will also come with a sticker sheet with over 50 stickers, most decorative but also fold-over tab and binding edge stickers. There will also be a playmat measuring 24 inches by 12.5 inches and a wall scroll on silky fabric with hanging rod measuring 26.8 inches wide by 37.4 inches tall. All accessories are scheduled for a December 2022 release and while no retail prices are yet available, similar products in Ultra PRO’s D&D line retailed for $10.49 for the folio, $21.99 for the playmat, and between $24.99 for the wall scrolls.


Entertainment collectible company Sideshow announced pre-orders for a collector’s edition Tiamat statue. And Sideshow has gotten into the spirit of the thing by presenting the details for the figure as an RPG stat block with skills such as “Dust Resistance +10” and “Attention-Getting +26”. The highly detailed statue stands 28 inches high and is 37.5 inches long with a wingspan of 31 inches standing on a15 inch wide and 16 inch deep base of craggy rocks and lava. Expect a bit of sticker shock even for the price of expensive D&D collectibles as the pre-order price for this statue is $1,980 with a Deluxe version that adds lights to each of the heads corresponding to its breath weapon for $2,145. The figure is expected to ship sometime between April and June 2023.


Paizo announced a partnership with Savagesparrow Studios for a line of clothing based on Pathfinder. The new line called Kit and Kaboomle will be a celebration of the goblins of Golarion “featuring peak chaos and epic explosions”. Savagesparrow Studios is an independent design store created by Jen Brazas with unique designs inspired by games, anime, and comics. Jen also appears on the Penny for a Tale live stream actual play of Pathfinder 2nd Edition. The line will feature a dress (with pockets), t-shirts, enamel pins, and a hoodie with more revealed. Attendees of PAX West get a peek at Booth TT7304, while the line will officially launch via a Kickstarter campaign coming soon.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

Nathaniel Lee

I don't think I've heard of this Adventure in a Box series before. It sounds like basically WizKids' answer to the Epic Encounters series by Steamforged...? Sounds pricier, though...?


I don't think I've heard of this Adventure in a Box series before. It sounds like basically WizKids' answer to the Epic Encounters series by Steamforged...? Sounds pricier, though...?
Very similar in scope, but WizKids seems to be going more for the terrain. Epic Encounters seems more like "Here, buy this box and add your own rules and you've got an entire dungeon." Adventure in a Box seems more like an addition to your existing tabletop setup. Like that 6x6 map feels like an afterthought just in case people don't already have a vinyl battlemat or Dwarven Forge or whatever. WizKids have tried a few times to launch lines of 3D pre-painted terrain and it just doesn't seem to stick for whatever reason, so it seems like they're trying a "Maybe if we throw some minis in this time?" approach.

It's not the first in the Adventure in a Box series, but the first one also isn't out yet. It's a Goblin Camp set coming in February 2023. I can't remember if I covered the announcement of that or not because WizKids is really hard to cover - they don't do product announcements for their D&D/Pathfinder stuff all that often so the only way news breaks of new products is when the distributors send out sales solicitations for game stores to pre-order stock.

Curious to see whether the clothing line is just clothes with Pathfinder logos or actually Pathfinder-inspired clothing.

Also, yikes on the Tiamat cost. Surely not many people are going to spend $2k on a dragon painted to tabletop level?


Curious to see whether the clothing line is just clothes with Pathfinder logos or actually Pathfinder-inspired clothing.

Also, yikes on the Tiamat cost. Surely not many people are going to spend $2k on a dragon painted to tabletop level?
You can check around the store, the clothing designs tend to be very vibrant and not just logos. Granted, I'm not sure if anything else they do is licensed.

And the Tiamat statue isn't that far fetched of a price considering it's Sideshow. Their whole deal is doing highly detailed, very high end display pieces for media properties. Like this is where you go if you want a live-size statue of Boba Fett for $9000 or a bust of Batman for $2700. If you've ever walked into a comic store and come face-to-face with a full-size T-800 endoskeleton, that's a Sideshow piece. Of course, they aren't all that expensive - they also do a lot of detailed 1:10 scale figures in the $30-150 range, but the price (while expensive) isn't out of line with their other products.

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