NEWS; Gunning down the Snyderverse UPDATE Cavill gets the Kryptonite handshake!


Well, in that film, Rickman wasn't the protagonist - he was just stunningly good at chewing the scenery in an entertaining fashion.

Heroes as antagonists would be up his cynical alley, I guess. But I don't know if a universe of that will be palatable for a decade or more.
I agree. Maybe one or two films in that vein would work, but not a whole "cinematic universe." It was more an idle thought about how Gunn's usual comedy bent would be made to work in an otherwise serious film.

I would say that "Brightburn" is at least some small evidence that Gunn could oversee a project that's quite dark and serious in character. I can't think of any other evidence to support that inference, however.

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Just don't mess with Zachari Levi as the Big Red Cheese.

He is awesome and I want him to start doing crossovers with other dc superheroes. :)

Most recent word from Levi is that he's not being recast. On twitter his words were, "Oooh, I really wouldn’t go believing everything you see on the internet. I’m Gucci, Ash. We all Gucci."

I’m 1/2 way through black Adam and I see why they dropped the rock. The movie is not very good and based on pure speculation on my part they must be worried he would be a diva
The movie is bad in some of the special effects. There’s a scene right of Xavier’s school with the jet and they would have been better off just using that footage or footage from any movie. It looks worse than some video games
The plot is bad and the good guys reaction to basically the cursed item so far is also bad.
There’s 1 scene where they take something from a 60s movie and then use it during the movie. It’s so poor. That 60’s movie is 1000 times better and that budget was 1 million instead of this heaping garbage
So far the movie is a d . FYI I like the rock and watched him during wrestling days etc. I like the character and the plot idea it’s just the effort and execution is poor

He's... kind of one note these days. It is all the same sort of comedy. So, I'm not at all sure he's a good leader for a stable of characters who should be handled with different styles, many of which aren't all that intrinsically funny.

Because, if he does a Justice League that is basically the Suicide Squad or Guardians of the Galaxy, that's not going to be a good thing.
Well....respectfully disagree, IF he gave us JLI. I would LOVE that.



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I was not exactly thinking of making the heroes the literal antagonists of the movies. But I do not think that is necessarily a cynical premise at all. Like, look at Black Panther. "Cheering for the bad guy," is a thing that sometimes happens. Killmonger is definitely the antagonist. You could definitely make a movie from the point of view of the bad guys where you are cheering for the good guys to win. I was not suggesting a whole universe built like that.

Well....respectfully disagree, IF he gave us JLI. I would LOVE that.
The only thing I liked about the Doomsday crossover (leading up to Superman's "death") was the JLI issue, which started off as goofy as usual and then got real dark once it was clear how much destruction that dumb monster was dishing out. Actually gave that bad storyline a little heft, at least for a moment.

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