news scoop: insider account of how the statement was drafted, and the fear-based culture in Wizards offices

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That's where uncourced allegations and clickbait are being posted. News is being posted on io9, among other places.

Well, to be fair, iirc the first break of the OGL v1.1 document came out of the twitter posting of some dudes' podcast. io9 came out with the story the next day.

There is plenty of actual information on twitter. However, the signal to noise ratio is pretty bad.


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You tell me! What piece of actual news have you learned from twitter that wasn't quickly reported elsewhere?

On the other hand, how much completely useless rumor and gossip that only serves to inflame about the situation have you already forgotten, since it wasn't true?

And no, that wasn't an answer to my question. My question (if you recall) was more pointed- Twitter (the corporation) has done some horrific things lately, including screwing people out of money that they were contractually owed. So it would be nice if people would ... have even a little of the same outrage for that. Just a little bit.
There are people who have the same outrage for both. There are people who are outraged by Twitter and not by WotC. There are people who are outraged by WotC and not by Twitter. There are people who are not outraged by either. I happen to be in the first category. I don’t think it’s helpful to paint everyone with the same brush just because updates about the situation are being posted on Twitter and links to those posts are being shared.
Especially when it's UNSOURCED CLICKBAIT. Maybe just leave that stuff on twitter, m'kay?
In one breath you’re saying the news on Twitter is quickly being reported elsewhere and in the next you’re saying leave what’s being said on Twitter there.

Look, I’m not a fan of Twitter either. It’s an unethical company owned by one of the most odious people in the world, and the sooner it collapses the better. I don’t have an account or use the service myself, so when news breaks there, I rely on people who do use it to share those updates. It is not unreasonable, during a quickly evolving situation, for people to post links to it when that’s where the most up-to-date information is to be found.

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I'm starting a new NFT featuring images of me in different outfits. That's news, right?

I actually remember the first time twitter entered my brainspace. It was late 2007. A good friend of mine (a Hollywood-type) was trying to explain to me that there was this thing, "Like facebook," which allowed you to post what you were up to, but only with a few characters (we still had "dumb phones" back then, but he had a crackberry). I told him that there was no way anyone would want to do that, or know that, but I noticed that he couldn't seem to stop posting and checking other people's tweets.

IMO, the use-case never truly materialized, but that addictive quality remained. Now that ... things are changing there ... the use-case seems even more elusive.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
In one breath you’re saying the news on Twitter is quickly being reported elsewhere and in the next you’re saying leave what’s being said on Twitter there.

No, what I am saying is that the OP (you know, what people are talking about) is unsourced clickbait. The whole "come see Wednesday."

Which is why I make my own arguments, and find that when other people characterize what I'm saying ... they do a really really really poor job. Wouldn't you agree?

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