news scoop: insider account of how the statement was drafted, and the fear-based culture in Wizards offices

I don't understand your stance here. You think that ENWorld should hire staff specifically to chase down leaks from WotC?
Presumably, to the extent that Morrus’ Unofficial TRPG News has staff—even if it be only Morrus—I would prefer that they reach out to the primary leak reporters (such as DnD_Shorts and others) and engage with them in a collaborative way—at least enough to firm up ENW’s ability and confidence in sifting thru the leaks which may be dripping for months to come.

Instead of just being a wary bystander.

I never said anything about hiring an investigative reporter. I never said anything about breaking into WOTCs offices or getting a wiretap in there either. I prefer you didn’t put words in my mouth. 🙃

How does that fit with their mission statement?
The name of this site has the word “News” in it.
Cause he said he was not, unless you assume he was lying.
source? Did y’all not know that pretty much no one in senior management is ever ‘fired’. it’s customary to couch it in totally different terms.
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For someone demanding En World become more connected to the news aka facts, you sure seem to leap to conclusions a lot.
My question about Ray W. and the report of “multiple firings” have always been stated as questions. For further consideration.

You’re the one who seems so sure about the surficial facts.


Cool! So ... Hasbro just has to wait this out? Because nobody cares about anything for very long, right?
In all seriousness, yeah, and for a lot of different reasons. One of them is outrage fatigue. Over the last few years, I've found myself shrugging my shoulders at things I knew were wrong, I just couldn't muster up any anger about it. Not beacuse it wasn't worthy, I was just drained.

You seem to be emotionally Invested and not busy at the moment, start making phone calls and emailing people to work the beat. Be the change you wish to see.
Wow, it’s amazing how a few snarky foxy ENWorlders, can (temporarily?) evoke a souring of my view of ENW News community as a whole.

Dang folks, the OP was just a pretty simple news scoop. Morrus’ crack team of newshounds are welcome to do with it as they will.


But you've got to feed the hype train while people still care!

Hey, by the way.... we're still linking to TWITTER?????

I thought I heard something about someone at Twitter doing all sorts of bad stuff to their employees. Like firing them with a promise of severance, and then ... wait for it ... REFUSING TO HONOR THE CONTRACT.

Any outrage about that? Can we stop linking and giving any impressions to that company? For more actual, demonstrated, non-hyped harm to real people?
Oh no, we still hate Ol' Musky, and he's lost more money than anyone ever has in History, but at this point we're just expecting Twitter to collapse on itself any day now so we're just riding it out until it no longer works. It's not easy to replace Twitter.

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