D&D General NFTs Are Here To Ruin Dungeons & Dragons


I am willing to provide you classic pre-NFT parallel provision products that avoid the traps of NFTs, while delivering most of the practical value of an NFT. Modern NFTs are more secure, but they're trapped under the complexity and inflexibility of blockchain technology. Unless you're very tech savy, you don't understand blockchain technology. When you're relying upon blockchain technology, you're relying upon a technology designed to not evolve with the times and to be reliant upon access to digital access methods. Blockchain is predicated upon non-fungible technology - inflexible, unresponsive and destined to be outdated over time as our world evolves. Inherently, they're pushing you towards obsolete technology over time ... so beat them to the punch by starting out with obsolete technology.

To provide a simpler product that is more accessible to the other 99%, my cabal offers non-digital FNT (fungible non-token) offerings. You send me a description of anything you want to describe. Then my gang will place that description in a tangible evidentiary notation enscrpition journal with your name and a date. Then, we'll send you a bill for our services and include a piece of paper from the notebook tangible evidentiary notation enscription journal noting your payment. From that point forward, you can tell people you've paid to have that description associated with your name in a tangible evidentiary notation enscription journal that my group will store per our 'results oriented storage methodology'. These methods are so secure that they will prevent even ourselves from ever finding it again, or even being able to prove it existed before we threw it in the fire.

At the end of the day, FNT and NFT provide many of the same benefits, without the complexity and inflexibility of NFT and blockchain technology.

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Absolutely. That's why I'm in favor of the process of regulation in general. There are, however, examples that aren't so exemplary that end up being used as rhetorical weapons, stripped of all nuance, by the anti-regulatory types.
For example, I worked for an electronic medical records software company that spent ungodly numbers of work hours getting the software compliant with "meaningful use" regulations - regulations that mainly existed to demonstrate that the medical record technology adoption grants enabled by the HITECH Act weren't being wasted by the grant recipients. It was a lot of work to comply with regulations that didn't protect the health, safety, or even financial health of the consumers of the products or the patients they served, but to provide concrete data to justify and measure the success of the government's expenditures. And as pro-regulation as I am, even I found that annoying.
A lot of that is the result of the politics of resentment.


CR 1/8
I remember when he bought this and it was big news that someone had spent $2.9 million on a picture of a tweet.

Love to see a -99.99% return on investment!
Well fortunately for him, he's literally the only person in the universe who can see that image he's got the NFT for.
unnamed (1).png

Ah, my mistake.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
I remember when he bought this and it was big news that someone had spent $2.9 million on a picture of a tweet.

Love to see a -99.99% return on investment!
I presume he won't accept the high bid. But I do wonder if he's suffering a bit of buyer's remorse.:ROFLMAO:

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
I don’t know. If somebody put an NFT up for auction of an image of a destroyed Russian tank with “Wolverines” spray painted on the side, with proceeds going to Ukrainian victims, I would bid.

Inspired by this thread I've just changed my avatar to this picture from the Elven Girls Extremely Fungible Tokens collection.


EFTs are the opposite of NFTs! EFT artists encourage us to copy and share these images as much as possible! They're made in the same styles as "bored apes" and similar NFT sets, but are generally of higher quality. Check out EFTs here, there are many collections with plenty of images that make for great avatars, including many that are fantasy/D&D related: Extremely Fungible Tokens

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