D&D General NFTs Are Here To Ruin Dungeons & Dragons


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
The other implication of this that the cryptobros do not seem to have thought through, is that, once the computation cost escalates high enough, it is likely that control of the blockchain will come under a single entity (The one with the money to afford the compute and energy costs). At this time the blockchain becomes identical to a centralised database. So much for the transparency of distribution.
Transparency of distribution was always just a smokescreen. The real goal is and always has been to create a new market to exploit.

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Yea, the human destruction crypto is causing is a tragedy. The crypto rich will be fine, they sit in top already.
Some of them might get hurt, as even billionaires can get scammed:

The issue isn't even how much money was stolen, or how the company tried to hide that, but that (later on) the company decided the cat was out of the bag and printed a trillion tether (clearly not backed by anything). If Tether ever crashes in value, so will the value of Bitcoin (and possibly every other cryptocurrency).


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Without turning this political, there are a lot of people who think they will be able to get enough money to make it to Gult's Gulch and ignore the effects of climate change. I wager most of them will have a very rude awakening far too late to fix it.
What are these folks going to do when they realize the world isn’t Minecraft?


It is still quite possible to garner enough wealth to dodge the personal impacts of climate change within their own lifetimes.
That is based on a number of assumption that may not hold. The big one is that what they need can be purchased in the time of crisis and that what they have will be fungible. A friend told me yesterday that he as heard that the Russian embassy in Dublin is having trouble sourcing heating old. Not because there is none to be had but because the heating oil supplier do not want to deal with the Russian State.
Don't know if it is true, mind you but the mood can turn very quickly.

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
I don't agree there's zero value in crypto. I've definitely found entertainment value in the stories about people with fabulous wealth locked behind passwords they can't remember. Or the guy in the UK who knows that his hard drive is somewhere in the municipal landfill.

How can you put a price on stories like those?


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That is based on a number of assumption that may not hold. The big one is that what they need can be purchased in the time of crisis and that what they have will be fungible.

I said they could make themselves wealthy enough - what you're talking about here is whether they can manage that wealth.


I crit!
I guess this is real. Buh bye!

unless and until I hear different. There is so much good out there to support instead.


Good to see that Green Ronin doesn’t “back him up”
I mean, the company eventually severed ties.

After Nicole got banned from RPG.net claiming that all the accusations were rooted in bad faith, and besides, Onyx Path has done far worse!
Let's read that ban, shall we?
In November, after Colin Suleiman was accused of sexual predation, you logged in to defend him, opening with personal attacks against some users. However, your offline conduct after this event included a campaign to insult and discredit some of the accusers. While wrongly believing in someone's innocence is not against the rules, it absolutely escalated an already tense thread. Even though you have not posted since Oct. 30, 2017, in accordance with Rule 0, we have decided you are not a good fit for the forums.

When GR decided to do something it was a notice that they were severing ties so bad they've tried to memory hole it and posted a follow-up.

A PR nightmare so bad multiple individuals came out stating that Green Ronin & Nicole specifically had tons of accusations about CA and had done nothing.

But sure, they eventually cut ties. And CA's Twitter has been nothing but him complaining about how he did nothing wrong.

And after all that, this NFT cryptobro company decided he was on a shortlist for working on their project.

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