Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019!

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It’s that time of year again! Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019. As a reminder, here are last year’s Top 10.


The winners last year in each category were The Good Friends of Jackson Elias (talk) and The Adventure Zone (actual play). As winners, they enter the Hall of Fame, secure in their victory for evermore, and aren't eligible this year.

Nomimate your favourite podcast by posting the podcast’s name and a link to the podcast in the comments below.

  • there are two categories: TALK (news, reviews, opinions, interviews etc) and ACTUAL PLAY.
  • must have released at least 3 new episodes in 2019
  • the main focus must be tabletop RPGs
  • must not be your own podcast
  • must include a link to the podcast’s web page; no link, no nom!
  • list the individual podcasts, not producers who might make multiple podcasts; be specific which you mean
  • podcasts only, please, not Twitch streams, videos, TV shows, YouTube channels, etc., however awesome those things are!
Feel free to say why.

As always, if it’s not nominated, it won’t be in the main poll.

Nominations open for one week, until Tuesday 17th December. The poll will come shortly thereafter. The results will fittingly initially be announced in our podcast and posted here as an article later.

One final note. I do this every year, just like the the Anticipated RPG poll. However, unlike individual RPGs, podcasts are on ongoing venture. I'd like to note in advance that a podcast can only win this poll once.

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Dungeons and Randomness has been my top pick for actual play D&D for years. They’re very personable in their side podcast “good morning theria” and their actual play is amazing in long story


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I'd like to nominate a few if I can:

Stop, Hack, and Roll (Talk): a design podcast about questioning every aspect of tabletop RPG game design with engaging hosts and consistent project examples of games they're working on. Stop, Hack, and Roll – Pushing Pen and Paper Games to their Limits

Design Doc (Talk): a step-by-step design podcast about a pair of designers working on a new game and all the trials and tribulations along the way. Design Doc

Party of One Podcast (Actual Play): a show of one- or two-shot games between the host and only one guest. Highlighting the best of 2-player games as well as showing the flexibility of some systems to play with only two players. Home - Party Of One

She's a Super Geek (Actual Play): using a variety of game systems, the show focuses on women GMs and features a diverse and engaging variety of guest players. She's a Super Geek – Actual Play RPG Podcast


I'd like to nominate an actual play podcast The Danger Club Podcast - Danger Club Podcast. It's a fantastic British Pathfinder Podcast - great voice actors, creative plotlines and interaction. It's something I look forward too every Monday morning.


Entropic Good
Nominating Thursday Knights Podcast
(actual play) D&D 5e podcast
It's a long running group (since the days of 4e D&D) just a bunch of friends that started broadcasting their game and have been doing it for a while.


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There are only a few podcasts I listen to, and one of them is Mass Effect Adventum. So yeah, I'd like to nominate them for Actual Play. Big Mass Effect fan and I love how they've managed to encapsulate that in this show.

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