Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019!

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It’s that time of year again! Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019. As a reminder, here are last year’s Top 10.


The winners last year in each category were The Good Friends of Jackson Elias (talk) and The Adventure Zone (actual play). As winners, they enter the Hall of Fame, secure in their victory for evermore, and aren't eligible this year.

Nomimate your favourite podcast by posting the podcast’s name and a link to the podcast in the comments below.

  • there are two categories: TALK (news, reviews, opinions, interviews etc) and ACTUAL PLAY.
  • must have released at least 3 new episodes in 2019
  • the main focus must be tabletop RPGs
  • must not be your own podcast
  • must include a link to the podcast’s web page; no link, no nom!
  • list the individual podcasts, not producers who might make multiple podcasts; be specific which you mean
  • podcasts only, please, not Twitch streams, videos, TV shows, YouTube channels, etc., however awesome those things are!
Feel free to say why.

As always, if it’s not nominated, it won’t be in the main poll.

Nominations open for one week, until Tuesday 17th December. The poll will come shortly thereafter. The results will fittingly initially be announced in our podcast and posted here as an article later.

One final note. I do this every year, just like the the Anticipated RPG poll. However, unlike individual RPGs, podcasts are on ongoing venture. I'd like to note in advance that a podcast can only win this poll once.

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Nominating Tablestory's Zero.Blue.Orion - Tablestory have many shows, and 2019 was perhaps the biggest yet, but Zero.Blue.Orion takes the listeners through all of the emotions that there are, while keeping its 'anime comedy' vibe at its core. With a cast of voice actors and entertainers, and each of them having their own voice effects and sound effects, the show is incredibly immersive.


I will abide by the rule, but it seems arbitrary. For example, my favourite Tolkien podcast Prancing Pony posts both as a listen-only podcast on one homepage, and as a youtube video on their other homepage.

Edit: re-read the rules more carefully. doh

Will there be another awards contest for those other media?
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Evan Perlman

Happy - but also slightly trepidatious - to nominate the Delta Green Actual Play podcast Pretending to be People. They do horror-comedy extremely well, production and editing is careful and high-quality, and the evolving story is engrossing (and sometimes gross). They've just completed their first year, and all of us Honorary Police Officers for the town of Contention are looking forward to the years to come.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Not Another D&D Podcast might dethrone it next year (I've just discovered it, thanks to Dragon Talk, but since I love the core performers from their College Humor shows, I have high hopes), but for now, Nerd Poker is my must-listen D&D podcast. It's funny, clearly an actual game (as opposed to improv with very light D&D elements, which I run into a lot) and actually a game table I'd like to play at (again, not universally true of other gaming podcasts).


Dungeons and randomness are by far the best actual play rpg podcast, Jason is an incredible Dungeon Master, story teller, and roll player, the cast is amazing and everyone is great at roll playing and making you care about these fictional people and world.


I'd like to post up my support for Dungeons & Randomness, as well! They're telling an incredible story that is set in their own fully fleshed out, living and breathing world, with three groups simultaneously travelling around impacting the world in big ways. The entire 18 member cast are all phenomenal roleplayers, and bring a lot of heart and diversity to their characters. Jason does an incredible job as DM, and I'm blown away by his level of detail, and his fantastic storytelling skills. If you haven't given them a shot, please do!


Deluxe Unhuman
TALK: Monsters & Multiclass. I find it very informative, insightful, useful, and easy on the ears.

ACTUAL PLAY: Godsfall does a nice blend of "audio production" meets "live actual play" that I find very listenable.
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