Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019!

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It’s that time of year again! Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019. As a reminder, here are last year’s Top 10.


The winners last year in each category were The Good Friends of Jackson Elias (talk) and The Adventure Zone (actual play). As winners, they enter the Hall of Fame, secure in their victory for evermore, and aren't eligible this year.

Nomimate your favourite podcast by posting the podcast’s name and a link to the podcast in the comments below.

  • there are two categories: TALK (news, reviews, opinions, interviews etc) and ACTUAL PLAY.
  • must have released at least 3 new episodes in 2019
  • the main focus must be tabletop RPGs
  • must not be your own podcast
  • must include a link to the podcast’s web page; no link, no nom!
  • list the individual podcasts, not producers who might make multiple podcasts; be specific which you mean
  • podcasts only, please, not Twitch streams, videos, TV shows, YouTube channels, etc., however awesome those things are!
Feel free to say why.

As always, if it’s not nominated, it won’t be in the main poll.

Nominations open for one week, until Tuesday 17th December. The poll will come shortly thereafter. The results will fittingly initially be announced in our podcast and posted here as an article later.

One final note. I do this every year, just like the the Anticipated RPG poll. However, unlike individual RPGs, podcasts are on ongoing venture. I'd like to note in advance that a podcast can only win this poll once.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Podcasters sending their fans to this thread should tell them to space it out a bit -- a bunch of folks posting all in a row, hyping the exact same podcast, isn't particularly subtle.


First Post
Actual Play Nominations:
Dark Dice - is definitely more of a story than a straight up actual play, but the narrative tension uses the mechanics really well.
The Lucky Die - a d&d game where gods are dying. The cast is funny, the characters really fleshed out, so when they fail, it really, really hurts! This has feels and fun.


Actual Play - The Glass Cannon Great actual play, humor, and role-playing. Playing through actual Pathfinder modules. A cut well above the 'improv' focused gameplay-lite casts that swamp the internet. I've been slowly working through the library of years of casts, enjoying one or two a day on my commute. Awesomely good, and has me looking for excuses to listen to more.
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I pledge house Settler to ! Not only do they play dungeons and dragons on their podcast, they have Dragons IN Dungeons annnnnd the greatest community around! #STUBNATION #STUBARMY #STUBBUDDIES #STUBBSCON


I would like to make a nomination for an actual play podcast called "Not a Test". The podcast is GM'd by the creator of the Rememorex game system, a system that captures the 1980s nostalgic suburban horror themes of Stranger Things, It and others. Having played the game, I think the podcast is a wonderful, spooky and occasionally humorous adventure.



Actual Play: Dungeons & Da’ Asians an amazing campaign world for 5e and some great character dynamics.

Talk: Asians Represent - great takes on D&D and TTRPGs in general focused on Asian creators.


Asians Represent! - Both Talk and AP content, created by Asians to highlight the Asian creators & content in the TTRPG industry. 2019 has been full of growth for them, and they created a space where there was no representation!
Quest Friends - An actual play with high-production value, representation of a non-binary PC (as well as other marginalized characterizations), and overall amazing plot arcs filled with drama and comedy! I love seeing their spin on the Numenera world.
One Shot - James recognized the power of his privilege & platform, and then proceeded to commit the year of 2019 to playing games designed by marginalized creators. Listening to the podcast truly felt like the network was bringing equity in diversity.


I nominate the actual play podcast Very Random Encounters. Each season they play a new game and randomly determine as many aspects as possible, creating totally wild and interesting characters and storylines that somehow always manage to feel cohesive and meaningful. There is so much creativity and fun, and you can also tell how much the cast all respect and like each other, and how interested they are in collaborative storytelling. Additionally, the production is really amazing and just gets more impressive with each season. It's a fantastic show with tons of variety, there's definitely a season for everyone (though I love them all).

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