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OK, so we have CRGreathouse/Kytess and Doppleganger/Ivellios.

Still waiting on Dr S/Murhid, Reapersaurus/Ubaar, Seraph/Jalon, Thanee/Taz, Demi-Lich/Sollir, and Heavy G.


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I'm here also, but have to setup a few things, since I had to upgrade my browser to make this forum work...



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I'm here, and finally navigated and emailed my way to membership again..

what a pain! :(

at least there's some neat new features...

Hopefully, we can start back on the adventure sometime this week.
What do you guys think?


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Dam I want my blue arrow back =[ oh well.


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OK, I think everyone's here - Seraph was moving IIRC. Heavy G, I think we're ready for the real threads - by the time we get it all set up and started, I'm sure Jalon will come along. Let's see, we need an IC, an OOC, and a thread in the Rogues' Gallery.

In the meantime, I'm working on compiling the campaign history from our 27 pages of IC - I'd like a more easily accesable format for our old data, and I know someone else who'd also like it. (If any of you would like a copy, drop me a line.) Obviously, it'll take me a while to finish - 2.2 MB of HTML!:eek:


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Maybe it was a little premature to ask for the thread to be deleted.

Anyway, the old boards aren't accessible and I'm not sure if anyone posted anything after the last time I read the thread. I'd prefer waiting that the old threads are accessible again before continuing, if you don't mind.

Also, the new Rogue's Gallery thread will be a good occasion to update the PCs so I'd suggest we wait a bit before doing that. Especially if the old thread is readable again in the next few days.


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Is there a new Rogue's Gallery? If so, I havn't found it yet!

CRG, if you compile a complete history, that would be terrific!

Maybe you could load it up somewhere, so everyone can access it at their very leisure.



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Rogues' Gallery:

Heavy G, I removed my request to delete the thread.

I have all of the pages from the last two threads (though not the introduction, sadly). The last two posts:

Heavy G:
(BTW, if anybody else wants to jump in and roleplay, go right ahead. Don't feel shy ! :))

Originally posted by Heavy G:
"Hi. Can I get you anything to warm you up ? Ale ? Wine ? Something stronger ?"
"I'll have some water, thanks."
Kytess gives the server 1 sp for the trouble.

"I see you've all made it here. Did anything happen while we were buying supplies?" Kytess says, looking at Ivellios and Ubaar.


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Sollir: Do you realize that you have the same avatar as Eric Noah?

Thanee: I'm working slowly through the backlog of old threads; so far, I've finished 6 pages (8 pages in my 8-point, 2-collumn Word document). Only 21 left...

The hardest part is ordering the posts. It just wouldn't make sense if I kept them in the order they were written, so I reorder them in a logical way. This actually cuts down my work, though, because I don't have to repeat quotes of previous posts ([ quote] tags).

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