Non-Iconics Test


CRG: I really honor the work you put into the summary, I once did a similar thing for a shadowrun campaign for about 2 years in a monthly campaign newsflash. Even worse we had one of those old tree-threaded forums, which are even harder to put into a comprehensive flow than this one here.

Reaper: You made me grab my dictionary to look up 'prolific'! *LOL*
I had about 2000 posts total - most of them (should've been ~1700) with Thanee - I think.

Heavy G: Will you create a non-iconics characters thread in the Rogue's Gallery? I havn't seen one there. And thanks for the pointer, CRG and HeavyG!



Thanee said:
Reaper: You made me grab my dictionary to look up 'prolific'! *LOL*
I'm glad you went to look it up.
I like using somewhat rare words, you guys may have noticed.

I just like the sound of them, and they tend to describe the ideas I'm trying to get across better than a more pedestrian word.

Let me know if you vote for me to stop using them....


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No, reaper! Don't use complicated words!

What are you trying to do, add flavor and realism to the campaign? Bah. From now on, you can't use words longer than 4 letters... and that includes "Ubaar".