D&D General Novel: The Sleeping Dragon ('83) - D&D with the serial # filed off


I have to admit that it really feels 80's for me where I was a teen and we all played much more "explicit" than today. But even then we stayed away from rape scenes. Of course it is used as a strong revenge Motivator, but still...
Sexual assault as a narrative tool is thankfully one of those tropes that has mostly gone away, but was pretty common through the 80s and early 90s. See also "fridging." We are better off being rid of them both.

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I really ate the first 5 of the Guardians of the Flame novels up as a kid (but I didn't keep up with the later 5 books published later on in the 90's). It certainly was more mature than I expected, and it hit me early on in the first book when the group got to the city and there was a certain scene that made the consquences of their situation and actions very real for the group (no spoilers). And the slave/rape stuff really made me think, and helped me process the mentality of the injustice, and developing the will to fight it, rather than turn a blind eye.

It was probably in my top 5 fantasy series back in the 80s. (Shannara, Dragonlance Chronicles, Belgariad, Guardians of the Flame, and Forgotten Realms). Tolkein didn't grab me back then, funny enough.

It absolutely was D&D with the serial numbers filed off. I seem to recall that the "Levels" of the mages where alphabetical, rather than numerical, and if you didn't have your spellbook you were HOSED. Potions of healing were very important because healers themselves were rare.

Walter Slovotsky, Ahira Bandylegs, Andy Andy, Karl Cullinane... I think I should read those books again.

Thanks for triggering this trip down memory lane!


I also read those books as a kid. I remember being disappointed that the series didn't follow up on the "Dungeon Master" professor in the real world who sent them to the fantasy world to begin with. Seemed like he ought to have been a recurring villain or at least pop up again in some fashion.

Narnia, Prydain, and Dragonlance were also my reading materials of the time, as well as the first few Forgotten Realms novels.


Rotten DM
the books are on kindle and sometimes omibus
The Guardians of the Flame (The Sleeping Dragon, The Sword and Chain, The Silver Crown), Legacy (The Heir Apparent, The Warrior Lives),

To home and Ehvenor (The Road to Ehvenor, The Road Home),


Reeks of Jedi
2nd book: Most baller "fight" I've seen in a long time.

Main character Carl is surrounded by enemies inside of a room inside of a wooden ship. No armor, but does have a sword. Before the enemies got there he soaked the wood in oil and just as they came for him he used the sword to strike a spark and set the room and everyone in it on fire. He starts downing healing potions (which he found 8 earlier) until they are all dead and he can flee out of the fire.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Anyone else here used to frequent the “Slovotsky’s Laws” website?

Those forums had almost as big an impact on me as the books. Never managed to have the scratch to get to the yearly “convention” and play D&D with the folks there and Joel himself.

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