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Now that this is over (for now at least) What are you going to do?

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yeah, this was just the push I needed to drop 5E, which i had not really been enjoying for years anyway. I am starting a brand new Starfinder campaign and am going to double down on SWADE -- both running and writing for.
Same. Spelljammer almost did it for me and this was the last straw. Going to see what PF2 has to offer. Kingmaker looks like a lot of fun. I may come back to D&D, and I'll keep an eye on how 6e develops, but trust is so severely broken that going back to D&D now would be like going back to a cheating girlfriend. Will see the movie tho


Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
It releases on my 15th wedding anniversary...

So we're doing dinner and a movie that night!

Also I still won't produce anything under OGL unless EN Publishing sticks with it. CCBY4 attributions in ORC releases, most likely.
To me there's still a lot of value in the OGL. (I'm invested in OpenQuest for example) I'm still wanting to use the ORC whenever possible though, and to dual license everything I can.

(Counting the days until the ORC drops and we also get soem sweet DSA action.


The EN World kitten
I'm personally going to buy a bunch of third-party PF1 products; it's still my game of choice.

For my group, we've been discussing for a little while now if we wanted to try either PF2 or 5E. We were backing off of 5E after this, but now...now we might go that way.


Glad this whole debacle is ending. Still find it hard to be enthusiastic about anything to do with WOTC after everything but I'll continue to pick up older pre 3.0 edition material on DMs Guild from time to time.

I've been moving away from running 5e for a while now but if Wizards start releasing better quality material than they have lately I'll consider purchases on a case by case basis. I'll still be picking up Kobold Press stuff whether 5e or Black Flag or both.

But in the immediate moment back to prepping for next week's Dungeon Crawl Classics session.


I'm going to pick up some classic Spelljammer PDFs to round out my collection. I'm going to see about going to see the movie.

And I'm going to schedule a game as soon as possible.



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