Now that this is over (for now at least) What are you going to do?


I'm going to try and play D&D with the scouts this weekend. I'm modifying The Delian Tomb from MCDM and hope that I can keep the number of PCs to 5-6.

It releases on my 15th wedding anniversary...

So we're doing dinner and a movie that night!

Also I still won't produce anything under OGL unless EN Publishing sticks with it. CCBY4 attributions in ORC releases, most likely.
I wish my wife would watch some of these movies, she still has not forgiven me for Monty Python when we were dating 20 years ago.

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I'm going to invite my D&D group to see the movie, rather than go on my own in quiet shame. And we're probably going to remain a D&D group, even if that never involves 5.5.

I'm also going to keep working on my 5e clone. I will say the prior floated offer of just the core rules section of the SRD in creative commons gave a much clearer (albeit difficult) path of what I had to do to create my own not-D&D, and gave cloning a clearer purpose. But it is certainly all easier now, and trying to maintain various levels of compatibility got much easier.

I'm A Banana

When I commented on their survey, I gave WotC a hypothetical product that I thought should be fine under an OGL. I was commenting on their morality clause (which I like in principle, just not as part of an OGL)

I described it something like... a gritty sci-fi RPG where swearing queer sex workers unite in a dystopian future to overthrow a King of Mars who was clearly a reference to a modern semi-political figure using the power of nudity and firearms.

And now I feel like I've opened Pandora's box and sworn a pact with some cursed future version of myself and need to make it into a reality.

...I may have included the words "genetically modified intelligent owlbear with heaving bosoms as a character option."

....what have I wrought?...


Go ahead and pre-order the next Heroquest expansion that comes out whenever that is.

Probably buy some of the new D&D books coming out this year now, rather than not.

Watch the D&D movie when it comes out.

Continue to play 13th age and go forward with my plan to get my group to try out Cypher System. 'cause this whole thing has sparked an interest in playing some different games again.

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