Now that this is over (for now at least) What are you going to do?

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Gaming as I always did (that wasn't ever questioned), thinking seriously again of buying the three book I was interested when out (Many Things, Giants and Planescape, barring positive reviews), going to watch D&D movie in cinema, and watching again to Theros price drops :D




Now it's back to business as usual. I'll continue buying D&D products as well as other RPGs. I look forward to seeing what's produced under ORC, although whether I make any purchases will depend on how appealing I find those products.

I'll most likely go see the movie. I'll probably make a new DND Beyond account when the next play test drops.

However, I expect that I'll scrutinize Hasbro/WotC's actions more closely, and be less inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt should it be called for.

Game-wise, I think our group will still move away from 5e after the current campaign and the general inclination to buy WotC game products is low. But for me personally, their change of plans is good enough that I might now go and see the movie in an actual cinema.


1) Continue to purchase D&D's minis, PDFs and POD of older edition material
2) Be convinced by others to go with them to watch the movie (grumbling the whole time - because I think it looks like a mockery)
3) Purchase any official WotC stuff I actually want (which is rare)
4) Feel okay about running D&D events at the state library conference and hosting lectures about starting D&D clubs at your library
5) Not feel a pressing need to convert my existing 5e games to other systems
6) Be vocal online about wanting an official "irrevocable" statement added to OGL v1.0a to protect other game systems (OSE, DCC, PF, etc.)
7) Consume less vitriolic content on YouTube about this whole fiasco.
8) Assess how to forge ahead with works in progress. Ironically, right now, the "safest" system to write for is 5e because of the Creative Commons status. But I don't find 5e inspiring at all.


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Keep running my Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign. After that, I'll see what the players want.

Maybe I'll see a movie in March. Maybe I'll buy D&D products that strike my fancy. For me, it is a continuation of status quo from before the whole debacle.


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play as if nothing happened…the way I was already doing.

I will buy products I like if they produce them (I have some doubts about this) and may look for some third party published modules that have a more classic look (dudes with swords and armor).

Goodman games reprints may be on my list…we shall see.

Will watch the movie at home, maybe. Fill a few holes in
My mini collection and that’s it. I am probably becoming less the whale with their offwrings


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Now that the 5E chassis is safely available to public use, I can safely return to my plans of kitbashing Level Up so that I can create the perfect 5E game for my playstyle!
Yeah, with all these 5E-compatibles, I hope to do the same. I've been running 5E again lately, and never have I wanted to hack a game more...


Yeah, with all these 5E-compatibles, I hope to do the same. I've been running 5E again lately, and never have I wanted to hack a game more...
I still maintain the view that 5e is a very robust chassis. You can find other games that do specific things better, but for general fantasy, 5e is an incredibly good middle ground.

All the better that Level Up improves on it!

Matt Thomason

1) Hope many people have been persuaded to try other RPGs. The more we diversify, the stronger the hobby is for not having anyone that can try to control it.
2) Work on producing some material under ORC
3) Still buy any RPG product that looks interesting (WotC ones too)
4) No real move on what I play. I play everything, with a preference towards rules-lite but happy enough to go to crunchland from time to time.
5) Keep a close eye on what gets licensed under ORC in the short-to-mid term and see if it's something I want to use, either for creating or playing.


Nothing much changes. Was running Light of Xaryxis, just signed up to run another campaign at my Local Gaming/Comics Store.

If anything, I'm more eager for the next OneDnD playtest packet because hopefully we can engage with it on its own merits, not still be caught up in OGL discussions.

Start saving up for pf2 core books that I'll buy around christmas.

As a way to always remember that Wotc tried to take the ogl 1.0a from us, whenever I run a fantasy rpg, I'll try to fit in an organization of evil wizards who live on a coast. They'll oppress, steal from, kidnap, and even murder artists and peasant-folk, but always cry crocodile tears and say that they see what they did was wrong whenever they're caught.

All orcs will get a racial bonus to attacks, saves, and even skill interactions with these evil wizards.

The evil wizards worship a deity so evil, even the other evil gods despise it. All their god seeks is to grow larger and consume. Like cancer.

For me, the whole situation made me look at what and why I was playing what I played. I realized that I was playing Pathfinder and Level Up out of inertia and nostalgia... and I have a lot of games I wanted to try out and play: Cypher, and to a lesser extent WOIN, Fantasy/Modern Age, and Genesys.
So I will take some time to do that. I'm sure I will be back for Level Up (Primarily) and some Pathfinder but with a delay. I am also really looking forward to see the new games announced during this whole thing too.

I am moving away from D&D-adjacent rules systems. I will be converting my DragonLance campaign to Savage Worlds. Part of that has nothing to do with the OGL fiasco, and more to do with my belief that D&D was never a good fit for DL.

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