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Now that this is over (for now at least) What are you going to do?

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My group have committed to a rotation of indie RPGs and Pathfinder 2e. They've lost me for good on first party materials and subs. If I ever get to play D&D, it will not be with anything they publish.

Still switching to PF2. The OGL fiasco was just the final straw, I have been unsatisfied with their WotCs offerings for a while. I'm also interested in how the ORC will develop.
Same, this got me to look seriously at PF2e and I think the system is more like what I'd like to run.

But I wasn't planning to see the D&D movie unless they backed down completely and now I probably will go see it if reviews are good.


I might unblock Wizards’ Twitter accounts, and I might re-preorder that Keys book.

But I’m going to wait a few hours first, to see if someone finds a ginormous loophole in this latest Wizards’ gambit.


Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
I might unblock Wizards’ Twitter accounts, and I might re-preorder that Keys book.
I'm always a sucker for short adventure collections. If the reviews are good, I'll get it.

Also, I need to reinstall Arena.


I described it something like... a gritty sci-fi RPG where swearing queer sex workers unite in a dystopian future to overthrow a King of Mars who was clearly a reference to a modern semi-political figure using the power of nudity and firearms.

And now I feel like I've opened Pandora's box and sworn a pact with some cursed future version of myself and need to make it into a reality.
just do it GIF

i'm not sure my pf2e group will ever be going back to 5e, and my current 5e group may very well move off it as well when we're done with our current campaign (which, given, will probably keep going for at least another year at this rate).

personally i plan to run gears of revolution with bonds of forced faith as a prequel using level up with the 5e group when we're through our current game. i could probably also get away with running it with pf2e and i know someone converted every book up to 9 (and also i think it'd be really cool to run it in that, too - you could run it using proficiency w/o level until the end of book 9 wherein spoilers revoke the rule for added narrative weight), but i really don't want to convert the last act myself if i can avoid it.
also even if i did want to, i spent way too much money on level up to not use it for something.


I honestly don't know yet but there are a few factors to consider. Firstly we don't have enough of oned&d yet to know how substantive the changes will be in avoiding 5e's issues. Beyond that blackflag is starting playtesting next month & we don't know what mechanical improvenents it might bring yet. Finally MCDM is working on something that looks like it could be awesome come October or so & it looks like Keith Baker might be putting out a new setting in a new system at some point.

There's a lot of unknowns to decide on


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I've got my movie plans made out. Even if the advance reviews declare that it's awful.

I might actually finish that half-finished DM's Guild thing I have sitting on my hard drive.

I might at some point actually pursue my "Retrofive" idea, roughly "1978 PHB races and classes expressed in 5th edition mechanics", under the OGL.

I probably should poke at my "Everything about the TSR/WotC planes released under the OGL, including from the Tome of Horrors, consolidated in one easy reference" idea again. I did a version shortly after 4e came out; the 5e SRD adds some valuable stuff (like explicitly declaring there's a set of 16 Outer Planes of shading alignment).

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