Now You Can SMELL Your Roleplaying Games with scentFX

Have you ever wanted to conjure up the smell of an ancient crypt, a rowdy tavern, or the fishing docks to help with your players' immersion into your game? A Kickstarter aims to do just that, making small "scentFX" orbs - only if you're in America, though. For $10, Americans can get a sample-5 pack, or for $15 a jar of their choice. The initial line-up includes 20 scents, with additional scents available as stretch goals.

Click on the image below!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Hand of Evil

I smell Orc!

On and the old joke comes to mind...What's that? Looks like dragon poo. Smells like dragon poo. Taste like drag0n poo. Must be dragon poo.


I wonder how well the following could be approximated with that kit:

1. Beholder bile
2. Fetid swamp water
3. The bouqet of a ogre's lair


Chaotic Looseleaf
Yankee Candle has been branching into this space a bit with their so-called "mandles." Scents like old leather, bacon... my personal favorite is "2x4."

That's it, that's the name. Just "2x4." Classic.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, they all smell unspeakably terrible. But if there were a halfway decent way to evoke the scents of a well-kept tavern in my game room I would jump all over that. I'm not as interested in Eau d'Zombi or Third Day Full Plate. Some things are best left to the imagination.

Hand of Evil

Gen Con scent! Never been to Gen Con, now you can experience it.

I can see this as an interesting way of IDing potions.
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Xavian Starsider

First Post
DM: Suddenly, the ground explodes as a desiccated corpse rises from the filth and rot, emanating the stench of foulness and death a thousand years removed. Everyone take a whiff of this.

And then there's troglodytes....
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