ZEITGEIST NPC Rings (Spoilers)


Is there a list anywhere of the rings that each of the named individuals of the Obscurati wear and what each ring says? I'm trying to find out what a very prominent member of the Obscurati has for their ring and I can't find where they even have a ring. My players have pretty much broken the ring code (still don't know what the different metals mean) thanks to one player's near obsession with them from the beginning. He's playing a super genius investigator puzzle solver type character. They are near the end of Book 5.

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Nah, there's only a smattering of ring descriptions.

If you get any good ideas for how Ob operatives can practically identify each other by flashing their ring insides without being obvious, do let me know.

The triumvirate have rings made out of Methian stone, per Book 8.


That's what I figured. So, I'm stuck with trying to figure out something. During the treaty dinner party in Book 5, Brakken is able to read the surface thoughts of Han and Lya. But if they are wearing their rings, he shouldn't be able to do that, right? Or are they not wearing their rings to the dinner? I can't find anything about that.


Well, going by:

The rites of the Obscurati magically separate a person’s normal identity
from their role as an officer of the conspiracy. Magic that attempts to
determine the identity of a conspirator wearing his ring fails outright, as
if such a person did not exist. Likewise, attempts to determine whether a
given person is affiliated with the Obscurati will fail.

Divinations that do not relate to his involvement with the conspiracy
can function, but have a chance of yielding useless, innocuous results.
Whenever a character attempts to use magic to divine an Obscurati officer’s
location, thoughts, status, or the like, that character must make an
Arcana check (DC 34). If he fails, the magic reports something deceptive,
usually in a way to lessen suspicions.

I'd say Brakken got lucky on his roll.

The adventure was devised with me and Thurston Hillman working in both 4e and Pathfinder, and in 4e there wasn't any sort of spell to detect thoughts. I sorta chalked up Brakken's telepathy as being not quite divination magic. It's less 'cast a spell to learn a thing' and more 'intuitively hear stuff that leaks out of brains.' I honestly didn't think about the Ob ring defenses at the time.

But yeah, arkwright's idea works. He was listening all evening. He was bound to roll a nat 20 at some point.


I have a Zeitgeist player who is DMing WotBS and posts the play reports here. Would it be okay to remove one of the words in the title for spoiler reasons?

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When attempting to identify another Ob officer...
NPC1: Excuse me, I noticed your ring, and I think mine might have been made by the same craftsman. Does your's have an inscription too? I think it's Draconic, but I haven't bothered to get it translated.
NPC2: Why, I happen to know a smattering of Draconic, would you like me to take a look?


"...hey Jed"
"You seeing this?"
"The guy flashing the inside of his ring to everyone in the train station one by one?"
"Yeah. Might be some vekeshi thing, who knows."


I assumed that all rings are a part of a ritual magic and share the same spell.

Your ring is bound to you as part of a ritual when it is made for you and inscribed with 3 words of OBS. One of the things about the rings is that they only work for you. The core of the ritual probably needs redoing every year, but that maintains the rings.

When you are wearing your ring you can see the inscription of the 3 letters of other rings through the body of the ring, if you can physically see their ring.

As for checking out the ring someone is wearing. Think of it as cruising a bar making sure that person you are trying to pick up doesn't have a wedding ring on. It might be noticed that you check out rings on people when you meet them, but probably not. I leave it up to the DM to decide what DC's are appropriate and what excuses are used if noticed.


For my own game, I recently came up with how I'll run the rings/Ob geases.

  • Ob Geas
    • Ob agents of sufficient level are given a geas from Kasvarina, either directly or through the ghost council after the ghost council vets the agent.
    • Geas prevents agents from, knowingly or unknowingly, discussing top-secret information with non-agents or agents from another cell. Also prevents conventional mindreading.
    • Cell leaders can petition for ghost council permission to communicate with another cell/get a permanent waiver by dreaming about the topic.
  • Ob ring code
    • Each authorised Ob agent receives a ring.
    • A ringbearer can mentally activate their ring to burn with a heatless flame, visible only to other ringbearers.
    • Each ring is enchanted to block divinations. Can be circumvented by knowing the triumvirate password.
This should satisfy the requirements of:
  • Have a security system in place to keep back important plot spoilers from players
  • Have a system the PCs can theoretically exploit to impersonate an Ob officer
  • Have a system which allows interrogated/recruited Ob agents to talk a little about their job (just not top-secret information).

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