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WOIN (O.L.D.) Question about summoning.


One of my players is wanting to play a Necromancer and seems to want to create a squad of undead at some point, but that seems to incredibly impossible/difficult for him to do.

Is it correct that it'll just cost 44 (22 twice to make the summoning and compel permanent) to have the spell be permanent?

As well, I am a bit confused by the Casting Time (MP Reduction). If you regenerate all of your magic per day, why spend 1 week to reduce a spell by 5?

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
It is very difficult to quickly create a permanent army of undead, yes. The game isn't as high magic as that. It's much easier to summon an undead servant for an hour or so.

You don't add up your MP each day to make a total. You use what you have when you cast the spell at the end of the week.

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