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Scourge of the Slavelords
A1 – Slave Pits of the Undercity
A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition PBP ga

Rogue's Gallery

The Heroes
BlueLotusLevanna, Female Human Wizard Sage
KahlessNestorTirion Cayde, Male Human Life-Cleric
ScotleyKelvyn Black, Male Human Arcane Trickster Rogue Squire
Zeromaru Alegast, Male Grey Elf Bladesinger Mercenary

The lost :blush:...
3SpdDragsterEvendur Buckman (Grigor Marsk), Male Human Rogue/Warlock Charlatan
CathmoreCedric White, Male Human “Bastard” Ranger Hunter
ForgedFuryBrak Blood-Bear, Male Human Barbarian Gladiator

Against the Slavelords IC
Original Against the Slavelords Recruitment Thread

This is the OCC thread for my Scourge of the Slavelords PBP game.

Please repost your characters here with all your updates and magic items.

Questions and Answers go here. And the game is afoot.

House Rules
Right now we only have a few

Rolling Dice: Most of the time I will allow you to roll your own dice but for Initiative (just to get any combats going as fast as possible), or certain secret rolls I will make them. Otherwise when making any of your rolls, please use the one here on EN World and have them at the bottom of you post. You can use a third party online roller so long as you post the results and the link to your roll at the bottom of your post.

If you opt for the EN World roller, this is the nomenclature you use:

{rollv}2d6{/rollv} – displays each roll separately

You replace the { } with [ ]. You can name your dice rolls, too. This:


will yield this result:

Initiative - (1d20+3)[22]

Group Initiative: Everyone will still get a roll, but if the group of characters wins they all go first but if the set of bad guys wins they all go first, etc.

Inspiration: with at least a good basic background (and those not familiar with Greyhawk can just use generic terms and we can fill in as we go) that you will start with 1. When you really play up your Personality Traits or Flaw, and its’ a good point in the story I will give another BUT I want you all to suggest it also ("Hey Dave really played the heck out of Two-Boars just now I think he deserves an Inspiration point")

Also I am going to allow you to also spend your Inspiration to re-roll, instead of using them only for Advantage (you can still roll with advantage if you want to).
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Forged Fury

First Post
Brak Blood-Bear

[sblock=Brak Blood-Bear]
Name:       Brak Blood-Bear
Class:      Barbarian (Totem Warrior) 5
Race:       Human (Variant)
Background: Custom Pit Fighter
Size:       Medium (6'2", 250 lbs)
Gender:     Male
Alignment:  Chaotic Good

STR: 16 (+3) Save: +6    HP: 60 (5d12 HD)
DEX: 14 (+2)             AC: 16 (DEX + CON)
CON: 18 (+4) Save: +7
INT: 08 (-1)             Speed:   40
WIS: 12 (+1)             Init:    +2
CHA: 08 (-1)             Passive Perception: 11

Skills:                  Abilities:
Acrobatics         +2    Rage
Animal Handling    +1    Unarmored Defense
Arcana             -1    Reckless Attack
*Athletics         +6    Danger Sense
Deception          -1    Spirit Seeker
History            -1    Totem Spirit: Bear
Insight            +1    Extra Attack
*Intimidation      +2    Fast Movement (10')
Investigation      -1
*Medicine          +4    Popular By Demand
Nature             -1
*Perception        +4
Performance        -1
Persuasion         -1
Religion           -1
Sleight of Hand    +2
Stealth            +2
*Survival          +4

Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor, & Shields
Weapons: Simple & Martial Weapons
Tools: Dice & Land Vehicles
Languages: Common, Giant, & Orcish

Tavern Brawler

Weapon                Attack  Damage     Type  Range
Greataxe                +6    1d12+3       S
Javelin                 +6     1d6+3       P  (30/120)
Dagger                  +6     1d4+3       P  (20/60)
Unarmed Strike          +6     1d4+3       B

Javelin (5)
[I]Javelin of Lightning[/I]
[I]Dagger of Warning[/I]
Leather Harness
Mess Kit
Dice Set
Healing Kit
Dragon Talon Necklace
Torch (10)
Rations (10 Days)
Flask (Grain Alcohol)
Rope (50') 
Potion of Healing (4)
Belt Pouch
Small Diamond (300gp Value)

Money: 14GP, 98CP

Personality Trait: I judge people by their actions, not their words
Personality Trait: I face problems head-on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.
Ideal: Freedom - Tyrants must not be allowed to oppress the people.
Bond: Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
Flaw: I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink.

[sblock=Background & Description]Brak is a 50-year-old human, although his years of hard living make him look at least a decade older. Well, mostly, aside from the fact that he's still in pretty good physical shape. While he doesn't have much muscular definition, it's hard to miss the obvious strength in his massive frame. Scars crisscross his body, one bisecting his broad flat nose that has been broken at least a dozen times. His short hair has turned a steel grey, both that which is on his head and the immense amount that covers most of his body like a carpet. Carrying little other than a backpack, a shield, and a well-used greataxe, he appears poor in worldly possessions but rich in experience.

Brak was born into poverty in the North Kingdom. As with most things, the debauchery and decadence failed to trickle down to the lower classes. He was sold into slavery by his father to cover a debt. Shortly after being sold as a laborer, Brak was sent to the gladiatorial pits due to his failure to see eye-to-eye with his previous master. Performing surprisingly well, Brak managed to eke out a miserable existence in the pits. Unlike many successful gladiators, Brak was workmanlike in his approach to the craft, never giving the people a good show but simply eliminating his competition in the most swift and humane manner available to him. Oddly, this anti-showmanship earned him a loyal following among some of the crowd and he was added to a traveling retinue of gladiators to do battle in cities across the kingdom. During the first outing, the caravan was attacked by humanoids and the gladiators were freed to defend the caravan. Seeing the size of the horde of humanoids, Brak convinced several of his fellow gladiators to flee with him. The small group left just in time before the remainder of the caravan was swallowed by the horde.

After a long and arduous trip, Brak arrived alone at the Free City of Greyhawk, the rest of his companions either having died or opted to end their flight early. With little skills to speak of, the former gladiator sought out underground fight clubs in which to earn money, only this time, he fought at his leisure.[/sblock]
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Name: Levanna
Class and Level: Wizard 5
Background: Sage
Race: Human (Variant)
Alignment: CN
XP: 6500

Human (Variant) features:
One extra skill prof.
One bonus feat: Resilient (Con)
+1 to two ability scores

Wizard Features:
Ritual Caster
Arcane Recovery
Arcane Tradition (Conjuration)
Conjuration Savant
Minor Conjuration

Arcana, History skill prof.
Two languages of your choice
Equipment: bottle of black ink, a quill, a small life, a letter from a dead colleague posing a question you have not yet been able to answer, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containg 10gp
Feature: Researcher: When you attempt to learn or recall a piece of lore, if you do not know that information, you often know where and from whom you can obtain it. Usually, this information comes from a library, scriptorium, university, or a sage or other learned person or creature. Your DM might rule that the knowledge you seek is secreted away in an almost inaccessible place, or that it simply cannot be found. Unearthing the deepest secrets of the multiverse can require an adventure or even a whole campaign.

I am optimistic, upbeat, audacious, talkative and confident. However I am lazy and can be flighty and manipulative.

Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence.
The goal of a life of study is the betterment of oneself.

My life's work is unlocking the secrets of the universe beyond this one.
I will do almost anything to protect Green Fields, the village that protected me and my family when we needed it most.

I tend to meddle in affairs that are none of my business.
I can be condescending to people and I do not suffer fools.

STR: 8 (-1) Save: -1
DEX: 12 (+1) Save: +1
CON: 14 (+2) Save: +5; +1 to CON and proficiency in CON saves from the Resilient feat
INT: 18 (+4) Save: +7; +1 to INT from Variant Human ability scores bonus. Proficiency in saves from Wizard class
WIS: 14 (+2) Save: +5; +1 to WIS from Variant Human ability scores bonus. Proficiency in saves from Wizard class
CHA: 12 (+1) Save: +1

Initiative: +1
HP: 32
Speed: 30
Hit Dice: 5d6
Proficiency Bonus: +3

Common, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic

Acrobatics (DEX): +1
Animal Handling (WIS): +2
Athletics (STR): -1
Arcana (INT): +7*
Deception (CHA): +1
History (INT): +7*
Insight (WIS): +5*
Intimidation (CHA): +1
Investigation (INT): +7*
Medicine (WIS): +2
Nature (INT): +4
Perception (WIS): +2
Performance (CHA): +1
Persuasion (CHA): +4*
Religion: (INT): +4
Slight of Hand (DEX): +1
Stealth (DEX): +1
Survival (WIS): +2

*Indicates proficiency

+2 to hit, 1d6-1 bludgeoning damage
+4 to hit, 1d4+1 piercing damage, 20'/60'

Gold: 39.90 gp
Arcane Focus (staff)
Winged Boots
Bag of Holding
-Equipment from Sage background
-Clothes, fine
-Clothes, Traveler's
-Scholar's pack
-Explorer's Pack
-Chalk x5
-Pearl, 100gp for Identify

Spell Save DC: 14 (8 + 2 Prof. + 4 Int)

Spellbook, (R) denotes a spell castable as a ritual:

Acid Splash

1st Level:
Find Familiar (R)
Detect Magic (R)
Unseen Servant (R)
Mage Armor
Comprehend Languages (R)
Tenser's Floating Disk (R)
Feather Fall
Identify (R)
Alarm (R); bought scroll for 40gp
Protection from Evil and Good; bought scroll for 40gp
Disguise self; bought scroll for 40gp
Magic Missile; bought scroll for 40gp

2nd Level:
Misty Step
Flaming Sphere
Mirror Image
See Invisibility; bought scroll for 200gp

3rd Level:
Leomund's Tiny Hut (R)

Name: Ciymthrax
Hawk Familiar
Tiny Fey
AC: 13
HP: 1
Speed: 10 ft, fly 60 ft
STR 5 (-3)
DEX 16 (+3)
CON 8 (-1)
INT 2 (-4)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 6 (-2)

Skills: Perception +4
Senses: passive Perception 14
Languages: -
CR: 0

Keen Sight: Advantage on Perception checks that rely on sight
Attacks: Talons. +5 to hit, 1 slashing damage

[sblock=Full Portrait]


[sblock=Background Summary]
Levanna grew up in two villages, Elmvale and Green Fields. She spent much of her childhood in Elmvale, and an early encounter with pixies in the forest introduced her to the world of magic.

An orc attack forced her family from their home when she was twelve years old. She lost nearly everything in the attack, including her first love. The people of Green Fields, another village miles away, took Levanna and her family in. They fed and sheltered them, eventually integrating them into the rest of the community.

The attack put an end to her carefree days as a child. Levanna knew that she had to get a job and become an adult. She became an apprentice to a scribe, learning how to read and write in several languages and was exposed to many obscure books.

At the age of fifteen, Levanna left her job as a scribe, resolving to follow her dream to become a wizard. She wandered for a year before finding one willing to teach her the arcane arts.

Now she sets off to forge her own destiny, to learn more of the world and its mystical secrets. Though she dreams of exotic worlds and realities beyond this one, she remains forever grateful to the people of Green Fields, and will do nearly anything to protect them.

Last edit: updated gold total.
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First Post

[sblock=Grigor Marsk]

Name: Grigor Marsk
Class: Rogue1/Warlock4
Alignment: NG

HP: 33
Hit dice: 5d8

Passive Perception: 15
Passive investigation: 14

AC: 18 (breastplate + shield+dex)
Initiative: +2

Speed: 30'

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 155
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Skin: Fair

Saving Throws:
Str -1
* Dex +5
Con +1
* Int +4
Wis +2
Cha +3

Base Stats
Strength: 8 (-1) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 12 (1) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 16 (+3)

Acrobatics +2
Animal Handling +2
Arcana +1
Athletics -1
*Deception +9
History +1
*Insight +8
Intimidation +3
*Investigation +4
Medicine +2
Nature +1
*Perception +5
*Performance +6
*Persuasion +6
Religion +1
*Sleight of Hand +5
Stealth +2
Survival +2

* = proficiency

Init: +2
Melee: Rapier To hit +5 (1d8+2/Piercing)
Ranged: Shortbow +5 (1d6+2/Piercing)

Spell Attacks:
Eldritch Blast: Range 120ft; To hit +6 (1d10 Force) 2 Beams
Shocking Grasp: Touch; To hit +6 (2d8 Lightning)

RACE: Human

  • +1 CON, +1 INT
  • Sixe: Medium
  • Speed: 30ft
  • Feat: Actor
  • Skill: Insight
  • Languages: Common, Gnomish

Background: Charlatan

  • Feature: False Identity
  • Favourite Scheme: I forge documents
  • Skills: Deception, Sleight of Hand
  • Tools: Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit
  • Languages: None

Class 1: Rogue

  • Tools: Thieves
  • Saves: Dex, Int
  • Skills: Perception, Performance, Persuasion, Investigation
  • Expertise: Insight, Deception
  • Languages: Thieves’ Cant
  • Sneak Attack: 1d6

Class 2: Warlock

  • Armour: Light
  • Weapons: Simple, Rapier, Longsword, Shortsword, Hand Crossbow
  • Spellcasting: known 5, slots 2x 2nd
  • Spells: Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation, Minor illusion, Shocking Grasp, Guidance, Mage Hand
  • Spells: 1st: Armour of Hadar, Hex, Charm Person
  • Spells 2nd: Misty Step, Darkness
  • Pact Magic
  • Otherworldly Patron: The Great Old One; Orriz’ ju the Deceiver
  • Otherworldly Patron Feature: Awakened Mind
  • Eldritch Invocations: Devil Sight, Mask of Many Faces
  • Pact Boon: Pact of Tome
  • Feat: Moderately Armoured


Actor - +1 CHA, Adv on Deception and Performance while trying to pass as different person. Can mimic speech or sounds.
Moderately Armoured - +1 dex, proficient Med armour and Shields

EQUIPMENT (wealth=90gp)

Breast Plate Armour
Belt pouch
Rapier Silvered
Quiver + 20 arrows
Backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin
50 feet of silk rope
Grapple Hook
Common clothes, Clothes, traveler’s,
antitoxin x4 (200GP)
magnifying glass
healing potion x4 (200gp)
Thieves Tools
Disguise Kit, Foregery Kit

Magical Equipment

Pearl of Power
Ring of Mind Shielding

Gold: 90


Background: Charlatan


Name: Evendur Buckman


Evendur is a human thief from the City of Greyhawk, he sells his services out as a swordsman, scout and lockpick. He is quick with his hands and tends to steal anything that is not nailed down. He has red hair and green eyes with tanned skin. The Mask of Many Faces is used by him to maintain the appearance which is very different to that of Grigor. He appears to be in his late teens and effectively acts like a level 1 rogue to all intents and purposes. Evendur uses a Silvered Rapier that he pilfered from the corpse of some warrior who dies fighting against undead, he also carries a shortbow. He is very proud of his armour which he managed to save from someone who had “criminally just left it lying around where it could be stolen by anyone.”

  • Personailty: Flattery is my preferred trick for getting what I want.
  • Ideal: I am determined to make something of myself.
  • Bond: I fleeced the wrong person and must work for this individual till my debt is paid
  • Flaw: I'm convinced that no one could ever foll me the way I fool others.


Grigor Marsk was convinced of his own infallibility and ability to take what he could from the world. He could read people like a book and maintained he knew what they were thinking long before they did. He used his skills to impersonate the wealthy when they went away on trips and took over their residences, living the life. He would write official looking scripts and draw money from the banking firms in the name of his benefactors. Many a rich merchant would have returned from a trip to find his finances in shambles.

His days of fun came to a crashing halt when he tried to swindle the Gnome merchant Warryn Folkor. Everything seemed to be going Grigor's way until he had the watch beating down his door in the middle of the night with the smug gnome pointing an accusatory finger at him. A hefty term in prison was awaiting the young rogue and he couldn't believe that HE had been played. The gnome came to him and offered him two choices. See out his ten years in jail or work for him for the same period. Grigor nearly spat the offer back at the laughing Warryn but pragmatism kicked in.

Warryn introduced him to Orriz' ju the Deceiver, his own patron and soon Grigor's abilities blossomed and he spent six years working for his master as a spy. Who Warryn worked for, he was never sure but this latest mission could prove to be more difficult that the others. For the first time in a long time, he would be forced to work with others.

So he meticulously crafted the persona of Evendur Buckman, ensuring the paperwork was faultless and his characterisation would never rest suspicion at his door.

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Kelvyn Black Human Rogue

Name: Kelvyn Black
Class and Level: Rogue 5 XP: 6500
STR: 10 Save: 0
DEX: 18 (+4) Save: +7; +1 to Dex from Human; +2 Dex Rogue 4; Proficiency in saves from Rogue class
CON: 12 (+1) Save: +1
INT: 14 (+2) Save: +5; +1 to INT from Human, Proficiency in saves from Rogue class
WIS: 10 (+0) Save: +0;
CHA: 13 (+1) Save: +1
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Initiative: +4
HP: 33 (5d8=28+5Con)
Speed: 30
AC: 17

Languages: Common, Elven, Thieves’ Cant
Background: Squire
--Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Performance
--Tool Proficiencies: One type of Musical Instrument
--Languages: Elven
--Equipment: A set of fine clothes, Musical Instrument
Race: Human
--Human features: Ability Score Increase two scores by 1. Feat and Skill.
--Size: Medium.
--Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Alignment: CG - acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. Kelvyn is generally kind and polite to all, but can respond strongly to injustice and mistreatment. He has particularly strong feelings about slavery and flogging. He has been known to steal from those he feels have committed an injustice or failed to meet a responsibility.

Rogue Features:
--Expertise (Thieves Tools and Investigation)
--Sneak Attack 3d6,
--Thieves’ Cant
--Cunning Action (Bonus Action to Dash, Disengage, Hide or Mage Hand Legerdemain)
--Roguish Archetype (Arcane Trickster)
--Ability Score Improvement (+2 to any 1 or +1 to any 2)
-- Uncanny Dodge (when an attacker that you can see hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve the attack’s damage against you.)

--Armor: Light armor
--Weapons: Simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
--Tools: Thieves’ tools

Crossbow Expert
-You ignore the loading quality o f crossbows with which you are proficient.
-Being within 5 feet o f a hostile creature doesn’t impose disadvantage on your ranged attack rolls.
-When you use the Attack action and attack with a one-handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack with a loaded hand crossbow you are holding.

Acrobatics (DEX): +4*
Animal Handling (WIS): +0
Athletics (STR): 0*
Arcana (INT): +2
Deception (CHA): +1
History (INT): +2
Insight (WIS): +0
Intimidation (CHA): +1
Investigation (INT): +2*
Medicine (WIS): +0
Nature (INT): +2
Perception (WIS): +0*
Performance (CHA): +1*
Persuasion (CHA): +1
Religion: (INT): +2
Sleight of Hand (DEX): +4*
Stealth (DEX): +4*
Survival (WIS): +0
*Indicates proficiency

+7 to hit, 1d8+4 piercing damage
+7 to hit, 1d4+4 piercing damage, 20'/60'
Hand Crossbow
+7 to hit, 1d6+4 piercing damage
Spells Known—Color Spray, Sleep, Disguise Self, Silent Image. Cantrips Known: Mage Hand, Light, Chill Touch
Spell Slots (save DC?) Cantrips: 4, 1st level: 3

-Gold: 50 gp
-+1 Studded leather armor
-Dagger x4
-Hand Crossbow 20 bolts
-Light Crossbow 20 bolts
-Gloves of Thievery
--Dice game set
-Clothes, Traveler's
-Fine Clothes
- Burglar’s Pack (16 gp). Includes a backpack, a bag of 1,000 ball bearings, 10 feet of string, a bell, 5 candles, a crowbar, a hammer, 10 pitons, a hooded lantern, 2 flasks of oil, 5 days rations, a tinderbox, and a waterskin. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it.
- Explorer’s Pack (10 gp). Includes a backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it.
-Component pouch
-Potion of Healing (common) (x4)
-Potion of Climbing
-A vest with 100 tiny pockets
-spell scroll Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Sleep, Mendingx2, Light
-Riding Horse with bit, bridle, military saddle and saddle bags.

Personality: If someone (especially low born women such as servants and tavern girls) is in trouble, I'm always willing to help.
--Raised in a courtly setting and always has proper manners and an honorably deportment.
Ideal: I steal from those who do not live up to their obligations and give to those who have suffered at their hands.
--No one should be enslaved.
Bonds: I broke faith with the Thieves Guild in Furyondy and there is a price on my head there.
--I would take revenge on my father's wife should the chance arise.
Flaws: I am slow to trust nobles and always think they have hidden motives.
--I am sensitive about my illegitimate origins and while I may laugh off insults I always get someone back for making fun of my station or birth.

Kelvyn is of mixed Oeridan and Flan heritage. He is handsome with light brown hair worn neatly and stylishly trimmed with and equally neat mustache and beard. His skin is tanned and clear. He dresses well and his gear is of quality. His horse in particular seems exceptionally fine though more suited to riding than war.




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Zeromaru X

Arkhosian scholar and coffee lover
[sblock=Alegast Amastacia]Name: Alegast Amastacia
Class and Level: Wizard 5
Background: Mercenary
Race: (Grey) Elf
Alignment: CG - Alegast acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.
XP: 6500

(Grey) Elf features:
Darkvision (60 ft)
Keen Senses (Perception proficiency)
Fey Ancestry (advantage in TS against Charm effects. Immune to sleep magic effects)
Elf Weapon Training (weapon prof).
One cantrip
One extra language
+2 to Int, +1 to Dex

Wizard Features:
Ritual Caster
Arcane Recovery
Arcane Tradition (Bladesinging)
Training in War and Song (weapon and light armor prof)

Game Dice set, longswords, shortswords, longbows, shortbows, rapiers, light armors, daggers, darts, quaterstaffs, slings, light crossbows.

Investigation, Intimidation skill prof.
One additional language
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a warm cloak with a hood, a gaming set, a map of a nearby city, a bag of caltrops, a lantern, a sealed letter with the details of a job or assignment and a belt pouch containing 20 gp.
Feature: Ear to the Ground
Information seems to find you. Any time you spend at least three hours in a town, city or other major center of population, you automatically come across at least one job offer, significant rumor, or hint toward the pursuit of your current quest.

I always train because training leaves me ready even in a moment of respite or weakness.

I am a sellsword who swings his weapon only in the name of good.
In no other line of work could anyone expect to test their limits so completely.

I was inspired by the tales of a great hero to become a mercenary.
I treat my valued comrades like brothers, and I will let no insult or injury fall upon them.

I egregiously underestimate or overestimate the risks a job represents.
Contract or not, I never bring murder bounties back alive. They showed no mercy, and so neither will I.

STR: 8 (-1) Save: -1
DEX: 16 (+3) Save: +3; +1 to Dex from Grey Elf
CON: 12 (+1) Save: +1
INT: 18 (+4) Save: +7; +2 to INT from Grey Elf, Proficiency in saves from Wizard class
WIS: 12 (+1) Save: +4; Proficiency in saves from Wizard class
CHA: 11 (+0) Save: +0

Initiative: +3
HP: 27
Speed: 30 (40 while Bladesong active)
AC: 15 (19 while Bladesong active)
Hit Dice: 5d6
Proficiency Bonus: +3

Common, Elven, Draconic, Dwarven

Acrobatics (DEX): +3 (advantage while Bladesong active)
Animal Handling (WIS): +1
Athletics (STR): -1
Arcana (INT): +7*
Deception (CHA): +0
History (INT): +4
Insight (WIS): +4*
Intimidation (CHA): +3*
Investigation (INT): +7*
Medicine (WIS): +1
Nature (INT): +4
Perception (WIS): +4*
Performance (CHA): +3*
Persuasion (CHA): +0
Religion: (INT): +4
Slight of Hand (DEX): +3
Stealth (DEX): +3
Survival (WIS): +1

*Indicates proficiency

+6 to hit, 1d8+3 piercing damage
+6 to hit, 1d4+3 piercing damage, 20'/60'

Spell attack: +8
Spell DC: 15

Gold: 50 gp
Dagger (x2)
Arcane Focus (Wand of the War Wizard +1)
Studded leather armor
-Spellbook (A four leaf clover used as a book marker)
-Equipment from Mercenary background
-Pearl of Power
-Dice game set
-Clothes, Traveler's
-Scholar's pack
-Explorer's Pack
-Component pouch
-Chalk x5
-Scroll of Magic Missile
-Potion of Healing (x2)

Spellbook -(R) denotes a spell castable as a ritual:

Minor Illusion (grey elf)
Green-Flame Blade
Booming Blade
Lightning Lure
Shocking Grasp

1st Level:
Find Familiar (R)
Tenser's Floating Disk (R)
Tasha's Hideous Laughter
Magic Missile
Absorb Elements
Feather Fall
Burning Hands
Protection from Evil and Good; bought scroll for 40gp
Detect Magic (R); bought scroll for 40gp
Unseen Servant (R); bought scroll for 40gp

2nd Level:
Misty Step
Magic Weapon
Maximilian’s earthen grasp
Flaming Sphere
Mirror Image; bought scroll for 200gp

3rd Level:
Melf’s minute meteors
Vampiric Touch[/sblock]

[sblock=Theophrastus]Familiar stats:
Name: Theophrastus
Type: Cat (fey)
AC: 12
HP: 2 (1d4)
Spd: 40ft. climb 30ft

STR 3 (-4) DEX 15 (+2) CON 10 (0)
INT 3 (-4) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 7 (-2)

Skills: Perception +3, Stealth +4

Keen Smell: The cat has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on smell.

Claws: Melee Weapon Attack: +0 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 1 slashing damage.


[sblock=Background]Alegast is the youngest child of the Amastacia house, a wealthy family from the Kingdom of Celene, with a long history of famous wizards among their ranks. As such, it was expected for him to follow in his ancestors footsteps and became a wizard when he was adult. Alegast wasn't happy with this, however, as even if he valued the power of the arcane he had more affinity towards the military, and his dream was to become a soldier in the army. When he was old enough —and after two failed attempts to flee home and volunteer in the army— his parents send him to one of the most prestigious magical academies in the kingdom to began his training as an spellcaster.

At first, Alegast was an unruly student, mostly because he was frustrated for doing something he doesn't want to. While most of his tutors eventually lost faith on him, Lady Andraste, one of the oldest wizards in the academy, saw his potential when Alegast began to skip his classes to train with the academy guards. Lady Andraste decided to take Alegast under her wing and trained him in the secret art of the blade song, an ancient arcane practice only known by a few elven wizards in service of the Queen. Alegast took his training seriously, making his goal to become a master of the way of the sword and the spell.

After completing his training Alegast didn't pursued a career as a profesional wizard however, becoming a mercenary instead. This was suicide from a familiar perspective, and he and his parents haven't spoken since then. One day, he was hired to escort a merchant caravan on its travel to the Free City of Greyhawk, in the days when the tyranny of the Slave Lords was at its height...

[sblock=Personality]While shrewd enough to learn as he goes, much of what Alegast knows of humans and other denizens of the world comes secondhand or from books. This makes him distrustful of strangers until he can get to know them. However the more time he spends with someone the less guarded he becomes. No level of friendship will get him to open up about his family or the hardships he had faced, thought. He prides himself in keeping a calm tone even when he's upset. A perpetual confident smirk sits etched onto his face save for occasions where he becomes flustered or frustrated.

He likes to make flashy entrances and is a known showoff. Can improvise on the fly when forced to ad-lib. He kept his armor and boots impeccably clean despite being quite road worn and showing signs of falling apart. While traveling, or when otherwise appropriate, he wears a dark colored, hooded cloak. When nervous he bites hard on his lower lip. While thinking or upset he has a habit of rapidly tapping his right foot and prefers to trance on high ground.[/sblock]
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First Post
Before I post in the IC thread, just wanted to clarify how much we know about each other.

I am happy for the other characters to know my characters past and abilities but want to confirm everyone else is happy for the same before I make assumptions.


Before I post in the IC thread, just wanted to clarify how much we know about each other.

I am happy for the other characters to know my characters past and abilities but want to confirm everyone else is happy for the same before I make assumptions.
Tirion will be open about himself, so feel free to know whatever you like about him. Pretty sure we only know the warlock's false identity.

Zeromaru X

Arkhosian scholar and coffee lover
Alegast likes to show off, I guess by this point everyone knows he can use magic and stuff.

Personal note: the most difficult thing about my character was to get a picture close enough to my mental image of him...


Levanna is pretty talkative and her past would have come out assuming we've spent the last 5 levels together. Sure.

I'll post tonight but I might have to leave soon. So it may come a few hours later tonight.

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