D&D 5E [OCC] Against the Slavelords PBP

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Mostly because I post from work and like to get out from behind the computer a bit. And my laptop died and I haven't had time to set up the new one yet.


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Just for funsies...

Intelligence (History): [roll0]
Intelligence (Religion): [roll1]

Brak would get all the history info about Elreed but not what the symbol that the dwarf is wearing means.

Note I am not sure if this normal or not but I don't mind everyone reading the sblock info that I post just for certain characters. It is player knowledge NOT character knowledge though. I assume we will all play that way... :D


I was reviewing the thread and I noticed that I mistakenly have Suggestion still active in my mini stats. Suggestion ends once a target completes a suggested course of action. I went ahead and made the edits.


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If anyone wants to make an Insight check they may...

Also I am hoping we are not stuck here. Just worried that not everyone is posting, maybe because they are not talking focused characters.

Just wondering if you want to try and get some info about the slavers here. You could try a Deception/Insight check against Adreek to see if he is an agent or not or trick some info out of him, etc

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