Occupants of Red Dragon Inn


I am volunteering to maintain a post about who is currently in the Red Dragon. I saw some discussion earlier about it so consider this a temporary solution if anyone wants something more formal. I was thinking up adventure ideas and was compiling a list of people in the tavern anyway so I figured I'd make it public and in a place I can maintain it easily. This is not a promise of an upcoming adventure. If I missed anyone who would like to be on the list, drop me a post.

The names followed by class and level in a SPOILER block.

Active (Posted in the last week or two):
Level 2 Psion (Telepath)
Level 2 Psi-Warrior
Level 1 Rogue/Level 2 Fighter
Level 3 Barbarian
Ridik Keita
Level 2 Cleric
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Mostly abitrary. I didn't want to look back through the thread any farther than that right now. I'll try to keep it updated and add an inactive section for characters who haven't posted in a week or two weeks, but didn't want to give the impression that I had dug back that far yet. I'll add a "Not Active (comming soon)" line.


Oh, okay. I was worried two days would be the cut-off time for activity. That's way too short. Two weeks is better, I think.


Maybe a better place for this would be a post in the "Character Tracking and Interface Thread." Any suggestions from a judge? It is character tracking and that way it would be stickied.


I think this is a really great idea and I appreciate you pitching in for it. Perhaps at some point we could make a rule that you need to post here when you enter or leave the RDA? (not counting the current situation for instance where about 10 people are leaving temporarily but all but 6 will be returning shortly.)


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LogicsFate said:
Wow is the RDI is dead
No, it just got cleared out. That'll happen when a lot of adventures get started. In time, as new characters show up, or maybe old characters return, maybe a whole bunch of characters at once if one or two of the current adventures finishes, we'll start getting tavern activity again. It's cyclic, and that's a good sign, because it means we have enough DMs to meet the demand.

Just to prove my point... I think Nurlan will be returning soon, even if the revelers who will be entertained by his song are all imaginary right now.


LogicsFate said:
Have you thought about making this a post in the character tracking sticky-thread?
That's a great idea. The tavern judge, or some other volunteer could put a post in that thread & keep it updated. It would take some work, but no more than this thread, and might be easier to find.


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It would work better if the person actualy tracking this had the initial post. If I get the time to redo the list (might not take too long at the moment), I'll make a new thread. Untill then, use this one.


List is updated.

I had thought of posting it in the character tracking, but I wanted to have at least a small consensus on where to put it before posting it any where permanent. It would definitely be easier to find. If Bront would like to take it over since he is the tavern judge/DM, that'd be fine with me. If he would like me to do it, that's also fine.