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OGL Controversy -- EN World action? (proposal)

Given the current OGL controversy and the need to pressure WotC to back down and endorse OGL1.0(a)'s continued existence, I wondered if the powers that be here at EN World (i.e., Morrus) would be open to a modest proposal.

To whit: Take down (or at least mask) the "Upcoming D&D" sidebar and all other links/advertisements to WotC products, and graphics for the D&D brand. No need to change the news or the discussions, but reducing WotC's visibility while making a clear statement that we're trying to support 3rd parties and the continuation of the current OGL would in my opinion be consistent with the values and feelings of a large part of the community. I think we can be a D&D and RPG site without appearing to endorse WotC at the moment.

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Mod Squad
Staff member
If you have suggestions for Morrus, you probably want to contact him directly, rather than post a thread that he may or may not read any time soon.

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