Ohio Game Day Report with Pictures


Hoody hoo!

Boy howdy this weekends was loads o' fun.

Thanks to all the clones who gave their lives in service to the Computer - some really classic moments came out of this one, including one point where, after hearing the screams of a dying clone out of sight down an ultraviolet clearance corridor, all one of the hapless clones could say was, "Citizen? Do you still need that security escort?"

Thanks again to P-kitty for Bramst-O-KER's Paranoia - I had a hoot running it and laughs came easily all around.

So when is the next one of these?

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Piratecat said:
This is great! I wish I could have been there.

So, the Paranoia game went well?

Absolutely! I love coming up with lines of thinking that lead me to the conclusion that someone is a traitor or a commie or a mutant or a commie, mutant, traitor. Such as starting the gun battle in R&D. When we were handed the gas masks that we couldn't see through (there was a big cloud of noxious gas for those who did not play or write the game) I wandered around until I decided to take it off to try and figure out where I was. My eyeballs immediately bled out of my skull and I proceeded to put my mask back on and yell for aid at the top of my lungs. No one responded to me so I decided they all must be traitors because they won't aid their troubleshooting team member. I let loose randomly with my modified six- shot laser blaster and killed the R&D guy on the first shot. A battle with everyone involved quickly escalated. FUN!!!


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50-60 thousand people turned up for the National Championship celebration. Wow, and they all stayed away and didn't bother us :D


Much like you, I'm not gonna read Whispering Woodwind and ruin the fun by learning what (if any) effects the flute may place the party under. Also, thanks for the warm invitation to crash at your home next time...we may just take you up on the offer :). And tell Aurora she need not be shy -- her PC doesn't wet herself like mine, as Clear Dragon so kindly pointed out :p.

Clear Dragon

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The guy on the left in the third pic is my friend and DM Chris (posted to the signup thread under screenname Nightsend). He doesn't frequent the boards much so I better give away his identity for him. :D :p


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Man, I wish I could have made it. Sounds like everything went great, so I'll cross my fingers that there's another Ohio game day, and that I have a chance of getting to it if there is. :)


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Just wanted to post and say that I too had a great time. Many thanks to Crothian, Clear Dragon, and everyone else who helped set the gameday up.

I played:

Eddie "Cowboy" Winters in Dan's insanely fun d20 Modern game, where I was half of the elf fishing team. It just stands to reason that a martial artist and a gunslinger would choose to bring down an opponent with a van and a net.

Battlemaster Thorn in ashockney's Hall of the Fire Giants game, where I learned that half damage from a 12-headed pyrohydra is still a bucketload of damage.

Illuminati with Crothian. I'm still not sure I understand that game, though I did enjoy it.

Yes, its true, I am the mysterious bald guy in the grey sweatshirt in all the pictures.

At any rate, It was great meeting you all; I had a great time, and I'm looking forward to the next one.


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Wolv0rine said:
Man, I wish I could have made it. Sounds like everything went great, so I'll cross my fingers that there's another Ohio game day, and that I have a chance of getting to it if there is. :)

There will be.

BButler, sorry I forgot your name, corrections being made now. :cool:


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The flute is mine! ALL MINE!!! Its my precious. at least until I'm beaten to a pulp by a small gnome barbarian who perpetually wets herself, or I lose it to an elven warrior while taking a chance at the shell game.


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dshai527 said:

2) Thank You Clay for the Dice Roller, it is awesome! I won the award as the best DM*, and I appreciate it very much. (*BY the way Best DM means I rolled higher on a D20 than the other DM's. It is only fitting to give an award for who rolls the highest.)

I will try to post a picture of it here to show everyone.

my pleasure indeed dshai, i hope it serves you well. yet another step in my master plan to have everyone in the world be within a tstones throw of something i made :D :rolleyes:


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It is truely a beautiful piece, and as soon as I can find a digital camera I will get a picture of it up. It will be going into my wife's art room with her fairy collection (Yes a whole room full of fairies). She fell in love with it when she first saw it and after none of my dice fit in the top opening she claimed it from me. (Pirated might be a better term.)

Thank you once again! (If you have any fairies let me know, our anniversary is coming up and I need to find her something! Price is no object...okay it is, but I think your work would be well worth it.)


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NONE of your dice? damn. sorry bout that, i have a had a few problems with d20's, but that is out of line. send me an address, i will make it up to you :)

here is the fairy stuff i am working on. i work very slowly on such items, as they suffer from my "real work"


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None of my dice is a bit of an overstatement, since I have several hundred or more, but the 20's, 12's, 8's and 10's I tried were all too large, the six siders I own have a rounded edge and slipped through though, but by then Aurora had decided it was hers.

There is no need to make it up to me as it is a wonderful work of art and has made my wife very happy. I am very interested in your fairies though if you don't have buyers lined up already.

Our anniversary is not until April 1st but I like to get gifts lined up early. Aurora is studying interior design and is creating our dining room with a forest theme complete with her entire Fairy collection, and your piece which she has aptly titled "The Green Man".


Crothian said:
Number 7 :

We have Fett527 on the left, the other two I don't recall. We really did need name tags.

How long did that dude in Photo 7 balance the clock on his head? That's amazing!


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d20Dwarf said:

How long did that dude in Photo 7 balance the clock on his head? That's amazing!

And that's just one of the many talents that was performed at the Ohio Gameday!! :D

Edit: You should come to the next one, Wil. It's what only a 14 hour drive?
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Ohio Gameday

The guy on the left is Scott. He's just a guy in my CCNA class who doesn't post here yet, but made the trip from my telling him about it three days before!

Thanks to all the DM's for DM'ing, the writers for writing, and the other players for helping blow s#*t up!

In Paranoia I was Bront-O-SOR, Morale Officer (as unbelievably stupid as unbelievably strong). Sorry, gang, but in my character's description I was told I enjoy ripping peoples arms off...I figured ya gotta do something with their arms...up their behinds seemed as good a place as any! And hey!!! The citizen still hadn't told us he DIDN'T need that escort! (Bront has a bit of a one-track mind)

In the Fire Giant King, I had the great pleasure to be allowed to play AShockney's old P.C., Jank (think tank) Orothiar, a 14th level (almost seemed closer to 30th) Dwarven Fighter/Barbarian/Dwarven Defender/Battle Rager with, like, a Bazillion HP's, an AC of about 100 (not really) and the ability to squish a 12-headed Pyrohydra in one attack like a cockroach (and not even a dire cockroach!). Four axe swings: four hits, three of them crits for, like 238 points of damage (not an exaggeration) on a creature that almost killed two 14th level PC's with one breath (at half damage, no less, as BButler pointed out). Anyway, sorry, AShockney, for wiping out your little pet so fast, but some of us woulda died! It's a great character, and I have now downloaded the battle-rager class from www.badaxegames.com it's a pretty cool class without seeming too unbalanced. I hope I can use the class again sometime in the future.

And, finally, in the Swashbuckling mini-epic, I played (insert character name here) the Elven Sorceror/badguy exploder! I was barely awake by then, so I didn't get to (Aaaaargh! Avast! Shiver Me Timbers!) Pirate it up nearly as much as I would have liked. (besides, would an Elf really say Aaaaargh! anyway?)

I hope we can make this a regular or semi-regular thing.

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