Ohio Game Day Report with Pictures


Re: Ohio Gameday

Bubbalicious said:
I hope we can make this a regular or semi-regular thing.

After February, I think the next Chicago Gameday will be set for early June. Late June runs to close to Origins and Gencon. It might be cool to see how many Gamedays can be set up across the country for the same day. :)

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CrazyDrake2 said:
Two questions:

when i the next gameday? i dont want to miss that one too!

Fett, are you a student at OSU? and if so, do you take EE261?

Hope you're still reading this thread.

No I am not a student at The Ohio State University home of the 2002 NCAA Football National Champions.

The closest I came to being a student at OSU was visiting my now wife almost every weekend for about 3 years while she was a student there. That's why I was jonesing for Adriaticos, she lived in Smith hall and we had it almost every weekend.


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Wow, must have missed this thread, as I started lurking the boards soon after the Game Day, thanks again Bubba for the heads up.

Yeah, the bearded guy in the grey shirt would be me.

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