Ohio Gameday 6 - October 20th - Please check new game cancellations!


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I'd like to play in the 11 AM D&D game... and possibly run a 3.5 D&D game (Living Greyhawk?) in the afternoon slot if nobody else will GM one.

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OK - we've got one moved game, one D&D signup, and one Changeling signup - who's next?

By the way - I will be posting these games with available slots left at the Bookery beginning sometime next week, at which time I will be placing signups in in real time, so if you want a slot, better sign up soon!


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Please sign Shaylon up for CoC in the morning and Changeling in the afternoon. He's on vacation and didn't remember to post before he left.


Keeper of Secrets said:
Any idea how many people will be coming?

Also, do we need to donate any cash for the event?

My initial headcount was for around two dozen all told, but without signups I'm unsure.

And the only cash you'll need for the event will be the bankroll you bring to go shopping at the Bookery. And bribe GMs.


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Enkhidu said:
I saw a boatload of people manning the booth at GenCon - how many are going to be able to make it?

Oh, and done!

Right now just me-we're having our usual game the night before and the rest of the FDG group are a bunch of wussies who can't get kitchen passes for two games in one weekend. :p

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