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WOIN [OLD] Has anyone made any new careers?


I've got all the ones from the various EONS editions. I'm more curious if anyone has made any homebrew careers. I'm thinking along the lines of WFRP or Zweihander professions. Things like Highwayman/Brigand or mundane careers like Laborer or Merchant. I'm sure I can cobble them together using existing careers as examples, but why re-invent wheels?

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Just a tourist passing your way...
I did a bunch of careers for OLD so far, but I used exploits from OLD/NOW/NEW and eons publications along with own ideas; I don't know if I may publish it or if I should drop texts of used exploits in a (NAME, OLD p.5x) style...


I have about a half dozen for a homebrew world that splits magic into 4 categories based on the source of the magic
  • conjuration
  • truenaming
  • divine empowerment
  • psionics
With the different careers getting access to different subsets of the magical skills and secrets. It was pretty fun to design, although I haven't published them.

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