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Old RPGA Numbers?


I had an Ares Magazine subscription in 1982, when TSR took them over. It was converted to an RPGA/Polyhedron membership. I was issued a number.

I wonder if it's possible to recover that number? Some kind of support within the DCI program that could help with this? It also sounds ridiculous to expect help with something this weird/trivial.

Anyone wish to give me the moral support to attempt this by relating similar stories/experience?

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Why? What would you do with it? I threw out my old RPGA card a decade or more ago when I stumbled across it. If you need a DCI number then you need a DCI number, not an RPGA number.


RPGA numbers were merged into DCI numbers at some point perhaps a decade ago. Since then there’s been another database move but unless that broke things, I seem to recall that you can turn an RPGA number into a DCI number by making it a 9-digit number with the first digit ‘1’ and as many 0s as you need between the 1 and the old number. DCI numbers are actually 10 digits but the first number is a check digit and back when the systems merged they accepted 9-digit numbers. They might not accept them now, though.

In the past WotC customer service could help with this but I wouldn’t be surprised if system changes meant they couldn’t anymore.

The only value to a DCI number is tracking Magic (and maybe other WotC CCG) tournament play at game stores and large events, so there’s no need to do this. You probably won’t be able to use it as a username on the WotC site either. If you start playing Magic at a store, the store is better off if they give you a new DCI number, too

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