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So Mearls briefly touched on a list of top five settings recently, and AICN's latest tabletop column revisits a rumour that's been circling a bit.

A rumor has been going around that WotC is approaching the various creators of their most iconic game worlds to bring them back in some capacity as the worlds are re-created or re-imagined for the next edition of D&D. Ed Greenwood’s firmly on board, as he’s writing a monthly column on Forgotten Realms. In a Q&A on the #RPGnet IRC chatroom, Margaret Weis has stated she would be willing to work with Wizards of the Coast again (Kender are a subrace of Halfling that only exist in the Dragonlance world), while Keith Baker (creator of Eberron) has stated that he has been in talks with WotC but “they haven't decided what form setting support is going to take yet”.


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So the list would be:
Forgotten Realms

Dark Sun
or Ravenloft

Maybe Greyhawk will be given a bullet becuase it doesn't have a strong hook.


Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dragonlance, Dark Sun, and .... ?

I can see Planescape & Ravenloft support being integrated into core materials as background rather than discrete settings. That leaves...Spelljammer, AQ, Kara Tur, Greyhawk, and...what? I can't think of another setting associated with an (living) creator. Planescape would probably be the best bet, I guess.


Sorry, I can't see it happening. WotC know the folly of trying to support too many settings; that's how they came to own D&D in the first place. They also know that their success with any non-FR setting in 4e was... limited.

Unless they're now willing to go down the route of licensing out settings again, I really can't see any non-FR setting getting any support outside of the e-magazines.


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Glad to hear that WoTC may be approaching other setting designers!

In addition to the Forgotten Realms, The 5 setting i'd like to see would be;

Dark Sun

With expansion options including;

Nentir Vale (as default setting)
Planescape (as Manuals of the Plane supplement)
Spelljammer (as Manuals of the Plane supplement)
Ravenloft (as Shadowfell supplement)
Maztica (as Forgotten Realms supplement)
Kara-Tur (as Forgotten Realms supplement)
Al-Quadim (as Forgotten Realms supplement)


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Dark Sun I would Doubt since Its Creator is working on a setting called Dragon Kings, which will supposedly be a "spiritual successor" to Dark Sun. Somehow I don't think WOTC will be working with someone trying to file the serial numbers off of WOTC IP.

Timothy Brown today announced that he intends to create a whole new role-playing game world titled Dragon Kings, the ‘spiritual successor’ to his popular design Dark Sun. This new world will be envisioned not only in fiction and art, but in music, as well.

“Dark Sun was innovative because we created the game world and its art simultaneously,” says Brown. “We imagined concepts and asked Brom to draw them, and Brom painted those concepts that we later described in game terms. I’m so pleased that he is collaborating with us on my new Dragon Kings universe. His first cover painting is already finished!”


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Dark Sun I would Doubt since Its Creator is working on a setting called Dragon Kings, which will supposedly be a "spiritual successor" to Dark Sun. Somehow I don't think WOTC will be working with someone trying to file the serial numbers off of WOTC IP.
That's likely true, but they might have contacted Troy Denning instead. Also, even if they are contacting some original authors, they might consider supporting some settings even without the participation of the authors.

As we saw Dark Sun and Eberron in 4e it'd be nice to focus on worlds that haven't been seen in awhile.

first and foremost as that's been absent since 2e. Dragonlance and Ravenloft had 2nd Party support in 3e but it would be nice to have official versions. (For Ravenloft so long as they can actually reference and make use of the licensed material, I'd rather not have a conflicting edition.)
Dragonlance especially needs a new campaign guide as the 3e one doesn't reflect the many changes of the novels that followed.

Others like Planescape or Spelljammer don't have many locales that need description and could be handled via online support. Just dedicate a month of the magazine to them detailing the crunch in Dragon and much of the world lore or monsters in Dungen and pair that with classic accessories being released on DnDClassics.com. The same could be done for Dark Sun and Eberron.

If I were at WotC I'd start with Forgotten Realms and then update the worlds that can be handled via the magazines, the worlds where there's already recently published support available in stores. Let the Realms be the focus for a little more than a year-and-a-half and have a new world receive e-attention every six months. Then Greyhawk and a new world receiving a single large hardcover release every year or so.

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