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I have been digging into some old posts here, and instead of SPOILER they use SBLOCK, and other old tags that don't render properly. It would be nice if the forum software could be modded to handle those old tags again, or if the articles themselves could be converted (although that would be a big one-time conversion, of course). Or, is there some other way to get these to display properly that I don't know about?

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The short answer is "no".

There was a time when the site was willing to extend and customize the functionality of its forum software (vBulletin but I think most modification predate even that?) but that time has passed with the switch to Xenforo. It never did work 100% after all.

In other words there are tags that once were supported that no longer are. And there is no longer any interest in providing more functionality than what the system provides. Modding requires maintenance and that is what the site wants to avoid. Forum software is stable and rich in functionality nowadays; the case for extension and modding is weaker than yesterday.

There remains the option to visit the site using the EN World app (as I'm doing right now) instead of the website which gives a slightly different experience (since some things cannot be understood by the app and are therefore simply ignored), but I don't think functional SBLOCK tags are one of those differences.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the site, just a long-time visitor.
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