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On Downtime


I like motivated players. I think it's better to be a reactionary Dungeon Master, and let the players drive the play, while the Dungeon Master concentrates on creating the intrigue and drama.

I've been running games for years, publishing for over a decade (hell, the only other thread I've posted here was about Tricks, Traps, and Empty Room Design) so I've developed some tools for use during my game. I put them together and started up a Kickstarter.

It seems to be doing well? It's got over 400 backers and it's only been live for about 3 days. People seemed to like my last thing, so if you're interested in simple, useful, tools you might check it out. It's for Basic Dungeons and Dragons as well as 5e.
On Downtime and Demesnes

Hack & Slash
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Halloween Horror For 5E