D&D 5E On rulings, rules, and Twitter, or: How Sage Advice Changed


No flips for you!
How does any of that put anyone on a pedestal? There's nothing glorified about giving your time. It's not about you, it's about who you're sharing it with.

And it was an exclamation made mostly in jest, funny because it's not at all enjoyable every single moment as the Dungeon Master.

Honestly, you will argue literally anything.
My apologies. As I said earlier, you misspoke in jest, and I let it go there. You continued pressing, and only made the statement about organizing community engagement recently, which I commend, but it's not about being the GM there. I separated the effort of engaging the community from the role of GM, because they don't belong together. It's very commendable to give your time, but that has nothing to do with GMing, except that you chose an RPG to do instead of a board game or badminton.

You're jumping in front of my arguments and trying to make them personal by injecting yourself. But I'm wasn't talking about you or your community service. Again, that's commendable. I was talking about GMing not being service work, because that's a statement that suggests that it's community service to be a GM. It isn't -- it's not a service to be a GM. Organizing community events is a service. You can do both at the same time, but the service doesn't accrue to being a GM. You've moved the goalposts from your first argument, the general one, that GMing is service work, which I am disagreeing with strongly, to that you organize a monthly service event (not seeing how doing this is a game store or convention applies, but okay). You're now claiming my argument is about the latter. It is not, it's still about the general statement that GMing is service work, which has nothing to do with your month organizing.

So, if you're good with saying that GMing is not service work, that it's not a service at all, then we're clear. And, recall, I started this line with the statement I disagreeed GMing is service work and that I thought you had made a poor choice of words unintentionally. Here you're claiming it's a joke that didn't land, which is the same thing. It appears that's come full circle.

Also, there's lots of things I don't argue. You've managed to bump into a few I will in this thread. Don't make it about me.

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