D&D 5E One D&D playtest adopted as house rules.

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I adopted the Inspiration rules from the first packet, but also uncapped it so that characters could keep Inspiration banked up a number equal to their proficiency bonus.

Has been playing pretty well for me.


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I'm well into a multi-year campaign. Doesn't makes sense to introduce most of the changes at this point. I would rather join as a player in play-test one shots.

But I have thought about introducing the new exhaustion, inspiration, and crit/fail mechanics. These could be added pretty easily. But I don't want to have to re-jigger PCs with the new class rules when they are at 17th level and have been playing the characters for several years.


I usually allow people to meld in UA materials as they are released. I'd do the same here if someone wanted to use the UA playtest materials - but there are so many gaps and changes I'd give them a warning that the options they choose might be revised.


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I'm thinking of adding the "Inspiration on a 1" and the Exhaustion rules to my current games, as well as the changes to Guidance and Barkskin. The rest is too fiddly to worry about right now.


Has anyone done that? Anyone considering it?

I think I might adopt the inspiration changes from the first packet.
Not yet!

But if you're up for a full-on playtest one-shot with 10th level all-dwarf party (bard, ranger, rogue), I'm thinking of throwing something together this weekend. Will depend if I can get schedules to align and enough folks are interested.

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