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Online Planescape game via email (3.5 ed)


First Post
Hey everyone, I'm just gauging interest for a planescape email game played via gmail/ gchat.

A lot is still up in the air -That's why I want to see what people are interested in. Please reply to the post or email me at zadarathetitan@gmail.com if you're interested:

Some info that would be helpful in your post/ email:

If you'd like to play as a PC or a DM (I am not sure, but leaning towards PC at this time. I enjoy DMing and have had experience, but I'm uncertain if I'd be up for the time commitment. PC-wise, I'd be able to contribute effectively - for the most part)
If you prefer the majority of RP in sigil or Planewalking (I personally like a mix)
How often you can contribute ( I can usually do 1 post a day if not more (unless it's my exam week), and I am hoping to do gchat sessions to speed up combat, encounters involving dice rolls)
Time zone (I am Eastern Standard Time - US)

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