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Symbaroum: The Promised Land

Cost: FREE
Language: English
Sessions: 1-3
Session Length: 2-3 hours
Starting Date: Aug/Sept/Oct, 2022
Where:Online (audio only)- Foundry VTT with Discord audio
When: Fridays, 10 a.m. USA Pacific Standard Time (PST)(-7GMT)

Adventure: Characters will be traveling through a treacherous mountain pass with a caravan of survivors from the fall of the nation of Alberator. The characters could be employed as temporary guards or other staff by the caravan leader, or perhaps you are one of the survivor looking to make it across the mountains to the new empire of Ambria.

Session Agenda: This will be an ongoing campaign told in discrete parts. Future sessions will be scheduled in a similar way with finite game length to conclude each part of the campaign with breaks in-between. The first session is definitely a test run to see how well we all enjoy playing this game together.

Safety Tools:X-Card, Lines and Veils

Game includes:fantasy violence, fantasy racism, dark themes: (death, undeath, horror, colonialism).

Statement:This is an inclusive game. A game for everyone who can play well with others.

NOTE: I'm new at both Foundry VTT and Symbaroum. So, ya know, ya get what you pay for. 😉 Also, I have a hectic real life schedule right now, so I admit up front that scheduling sessions will be complicated.

DM/Email me if you are interested in playing.

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