OOTS 933 is up!

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First Post
Looks like a satisfying end to this part of the arc. Assuming Burlew doesn't put in another twist.
Scoundrel is hanging by a rope and there is an active "caster" {psion]. He's not out of danger. If she had any energy attacks, he'd be doomed as there would be no way to keep her from taking the out rope.

Deuce Traveler

I don't believe she would pursue them on her own and Tarquin can't assist her at this time. The arc is pretty much done, but we'll see what boon she asks Tarquin for now that she assisted. It will probably lead to his downfall somehow. Tarquin should know that if he follows literary examples.


First Post
I don't believe she would pursue them on her own
Pursue? She's a caster, fire off another attack power with Medium or Long range and dust the rope if not Scoundrel.

I'm just giving the author credit that he won't spoon food the readers feel good BS. In a story based on an RPG, anyone must be able to die, and the comic must have a possibly of ending in a TPK.

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