ORC (Open RPG Creative) and perhaps a website for new Open Content


Mind Mage
Big news. Paizo, Kobold Press, Green Ronin, and other publishers are creating a new license that is more securely irrevocable: ORC (Open RPG Creative).

Because it wont use the OGL, it wont use the D&D SRDs that it licenses.

The new ORC needs to build its own Open Content, from the ground up.

Fortunately, there are many reputable companies with great content, who will contribute to the Open Content of the ORC license.

It would be awesome if all of this new content from these many companies can all be found in one place.

Perhaps a website can accumulate all of this content.

Ideally, it would be like a wiki platform, except a contributor would "lock" the page to prevent others from modifying that page, in order to keep the page official content from that contributor.

Meanwhile, other creators can create new pages where they can borrow and modify content from the official pages. Some pages will remain unlocked to crowdsource collaborative creativity for the concept on the page.

Many of these publishing companies who are officially contributing to the Open Content have different, incompatible, rules-system gaming engines. But it should be easy enough to find content that one likes from one gaming engine, then "pote" (potate? port) the content from that gaming engine into a different gaming engine.

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